Specialist Spotlight: Kat Cody

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The Happily specialist under the spotlight:

Name: Katarina Cody

Pronouns: she/her

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Happily Role/s: Broadcast Manager

Freelancer: Katarina Cody Hero Image

We'd love for you to meet Kat!

She has a powerhouse work-ethic backed by organization and a passion for music. She specializes in being able to keep projects on track, connecting the dots, and finding creative solutions. Kat prides herself on her ability to plan for the unexpected and integrate philanthropic thought into business.

So, Kat, what is your superpower?

Being able to prepare for situations with a solid plan and pivot when things change!

What do you like to do in your freetime?

I absolutely love camping, hiking, exploring, and traveling.

Why do you love working in virtual events?

I love being able to have less impact on the environment and climate change through virtual events. I also think virtual events allow for more collaboration from people who are across the country and around the world.

What inspired you to join Team Happily?

I heard about Happily from a friend who I worked on a few events with and decided to join the team because the events that Happily produce truly make an impact.

Can you tell us about a Happily virtual event that you're proud to have worked on?

I worked on 826 Valencia's Fundraiser and it was by for the most memorable one. It was my first event with Happily and I thought it was amazing to see people who were all great at their craft come together to help support a non-profit who is amazing at what they do.

You pivoted from working on real world events to working on virtual ones. How was that transition?

I transitioned to virtual events due to the pandemic and the need to continue to work and bring meaningful connections to people. While virtual and in-person events are very different, they also have a TON of similarities. I found the best way to transition was to dive in head first, do the research, trust my gut, and listen to experts around me. Just do it and make sure you have good internet.

What makes you happy?

Connecting people and giving back makes me happy! I always try to make sure I check in with the people I care about and help out those around me when I can.

Is it coffee o’clock, yet?

Watch Kat in conversation with Sarah Shewey, Founder and CEO of Happily, via Instagram Live.

Tune in to Coffee O’Clock every Tuesday 10am PST as Sarah Shewey jumps on Instagram Live at @teamhappily, to give a quick update on all things Happily and chat with one of our Happily specialists. Here is a playback featuring Kat from Tue 13th, April.

Coffee OClock IG Live with Kat Cody

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