Specialist Spotlight: Arthur Kozlovski

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The Happily specialist under the spotlight:

Name: Arthur Kozlovski

Pronouns: he/him

Location: New York City

Happily Role/s To Date: Technical Director, Timekeeper, Associate Producer

Arthur Kozlovski

Hey! Do you know Arthur?

With over 10 years of experience as a director for event production, Arthur's work focuses on collaborative and community-driven initiatives.

He is also the Founder and Operations Director of Community Bread, a queer-owned livestream and resource platform for marginalized artists aimed to offset economic hardships caused by the pandemic.

So, Arthur, what is your superpower?

I would say that I am great at facilitating collaborative environments in which teams can objectively communicate through any obstacles that we may encounter, collectively.

Do you have a side hustle?

I founded and run Community Bread, a livestream & resource platform dedicated to queer & marginalized artists aimed to offset economic hardships caused by the pandemic. Together with my two partners, we’ve been able to raise over $20k for struggling artists and LGBTQ+ charity orgs across the world over the past year.

What does Pride Month mean to you?

Pride is not bound to a single month, but to our collective existences as we share our stories, our struggles, our victories and come together to celebrate the beautiful world and the vibrant people that help shape it.

Can you tell us about a Happily virtual event that you're proud to have worked on?

The Door Dash IPO launch was the most challenging and exciting project that required creating, managing and ensuring 20 live experiences happened simultaneously and flawlessly over the course of one hour. This required careful planning to account for all possible variables that could affect each stream and virtual room, in addition to training and managing teams and talent across the country. It was incredible to watch it all come together so smoothly!

How would you describe your working style?

My approach to working with many different teams is always to facilitate a level of trust and transparency amongst the groups I am involved with. Every individual comes from a different background and provides various skills, and in order for a project to be successful, we must all work together and be honest with what we can and can’t do. There is always a way to provide support if everyone is clear about their capabilities and limitations. Communication is key!

What makes you happy?

What really makes me happy is watching people explore, create and share their visions, especially in collaborative ways which produce something much more special than if it was created independently. I believe that the magic of our existence is sharing the joys of life, and facilitating these collective initiatives is what truly brings me joy.

Who else needs a coffee?

Listen to Arthur in conversation with Sarah Shewey, Founder and CEO of Happily, via Instagram Live.

Tune in to Coffee O’Clock every Tuesday 10am PST as Sarah Shewey jumps on Instagram Live at @teamhappily, to give a quick update on all things Happily and chat with one of our Happily specialists. Here is a playback featuring Arthur from Tue 22nd, June.

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