What Is An Event Marketing Manager & Why Your Events Strategy Needs One

As Seth Godin once said, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” And that is why mastering the power of experiences is vital for a brand.

All events and productions have a purpose that usually boils down to business growth of some kind, whether it be driving sales, building communities, or brand awareness. An events strategy that is crafted and coordinated with marketing and business objectives in mind is powerful. So, cue the introduction of an Event Marketing Manager.

The specific tasks and responsibilities of an Event Marketing Manager will depend on the scope, complexity and types of experiences, of course. So below is just a general outline to understand how a Happily Event Marketing Manager could contribute to your event.

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What is event marketing?

Event marketing is the experiential promotional strategy of a brand, service, or product through memorable experiences or events. This can include giving out free samples at a festival, sponsoring a social mixer, hosting a weekly book club, organizing an expert talk, having a pop-up shop and much more.

It differs from ‘traditional advertising’ in the sense that instead of bombarding a crowd with details about your brand, event marketing takes a more personalized approach that is anchored in an experience.

Here is an example of event marketing from one of our Happily Case Studies with Louis Vuitton.

What is an Event Marketing Manager?

In general, an Event Marketing Manager will lead a brand’s event marketing plan. They can work directly with marketing and sales leadership to outline key events, marketing messaging and event goals. As well as determine the return on investments, coordinate the registration process, and develop ideas for promotional initiatives.

They can also build relationships with customers and sponsors, as well as negotiate and execute contracts with vendors, and all pre- and post-event communications.

An Event Marketing Manager can develop strategies with leadership based on brand objectives, and be responsible for ordering and tracking event collateral. They can also analyze, track, and report ROIs and MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) metrics, as well as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems such as email marketing.

Ways a Happily Event Marketing Manager can support nonprofits and corporations

Here are some benefits of an Event Marketing Manager:

  • Build strong affinity for your brand so people associate positive vibes and trustworthiness with your company
  • Increase brand awareness through connecting brand with other trustworthy influencers, festivals, brands and events
  • Grow sales through nurturing more personable relationships with audience by harnessing the power of storytelling and experiences
  • Advance database and lead generation by optimizing attendee registration and management
  • Develop niche and personalized marketing strategies to reach targeted audiences
  • Generate detailed reports analyzing return of investment prior to an event
  • Track and interpret the results metrics following an event eg. new social media followers, RSVPs, revenue, media mentions ect.
  • Create a centralized and focused event marketing strategy customized for specific objectives and KPIs
  • Craft smooth and clear lines of communication to attendees and guests surrounding an event for ongoing interactions

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