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Credo AI’s Global Responsible AI Summit



October 2022

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Naysa Mishler

Naysa Mishler

Head Of Marketing, Credo AI

The Challenge

Credo AI Summit 2022 Sizzle Reel

Credo AI helps enterprises and organizations stay compliant with quickly evolving government regulations on AI. They ensure that AI technology is compliant, fair, transparent and auditable throughout the entire process. Their inaugural Global Responsible AI Summit was a virtual experience that spotlight diverse voices in AI regulation to move the industry from principles to practice. The goal was to bring together AI thought leaders, experts, founders and policymakers from around the world to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and actions required to make responsible development and use of AI a reality.

Credo AI joined forces with Happily, a full-service production company, to ensure the success of their virtual event. The collaboration between Credo AI and Happily's Broadcast, Creative, Strategy, and Web Teams proved instrumental in orchestrating an impactful summit.

The Solution

Credo AI Summit 2022 Sizzle Reel

Despite the tight timeline of only 10 weeks, Happily's expert team efficiently strategized, designed, and produced the Global Responsible AI Summit in close collaboration with Credo AI. Leveraging the benefits of pre-recorded segments, every interview, panel discussion, and speech was meticulously coordinated before the event. This approach offered numerous advantages, including a seamless live broadcast, enhanced control over the final product, and flexibility in scheduling high-profile guest participation.

The Happily Virtual Show Runner oversaw all team meetings and schedules, fostering seamless communication between Happily and Credo AI. The Happily Registration Lead collaborated with the Credo AI team to design an effective email strategy that increased event awareness, boosted attendance, and ensured a smooth registration experience. This role also facilitated the capture of new marketing contacts for Credo AI's expanding Hubspot database.

To align with the Credo AI brand, the Happily Broadcast Graphic Designer developed visually appealing static graphic assets such as brand wrappers, slides, and overlays. A skilled Motion Graphics/Animation specialist created custom transition animations, while a Video Editor produced a captivating Sizzle Reel to summarize the event. The Happily Front End Web Developer, along with a talented UI/UX Designer, crafted a bespoke microsite to host event information, registration details, and the live broadcast.

The Virtual Prerecording Coordinator and the Virtual Pre-Recording Video Director managed all aspects of the pre-recording sessions, which were conducted remotely via Zoom to accommodate the availability of session guests. A Happily Video Assembly Editor then collated all the recorded footage and graphics, crafting a polished final product for review. On the day of the summit, a dedicated Virtual Streaming Engineer ensured a seamless, high-quality live broadcast for the online audience.

The Results

Credo AI Summit 2022 Sizzle Reel

The inaugural Global Responsible AI Summit hosted by Credo AI and powered by Happily proved to be a remarkable success. The event featured over 18 distinguished presenters and guests, including renowned figures like Reid Hoffman (Co-Founder at LinkedIn and Inflection AI), Raj Seshadri (President, Data & Services at Mastercard), and Dr. Alondra Nelson (Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director for Science and Society in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy).

The summit's panels covered crucial topics, fostering compelling and constructive conversations. Key discussions ranged from Responsible AI Leadership in the Enterprise and The Translation Imperative to Consumer Trust in the Age of AI and Building an Inclusive Responsible AI Movement.

The collaboration between Credo AI and Happily showcased the power of partnership in producing a successful virtual event. Happily's expert teams played a pivotal role in strategizing, designing, and producing the Global Responsible AI Summit. Together, we achieved the summit's goal of bringing together influential voices in the AI industry to drive responsible AI development and usage. The event not only sparked impactful discussions but also left a lasting impression on attendees, paving the way for a future of responsible AI practices.

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