Happily is a cooperative network of outstanding event professionals who care about each other’s success and happiness. Anyone who plans an event with Happily - our clients, our planners, our talent and service providers - are considered a part of our team. Our team is committed to making everyone at our gatherings feel cared for, appreciated, trusted, heard, and safe - both team members and guests.

We celebrate everyone’s individuality, as it is an asset to our team. Our events are more vibrant, thoughtful, and inviting when there are more personalities, experiences, and skills represented. We understand that identity is a construct of things that we can’t control - where we were born and to whom, for example. Identity is also fluid and context-based - an “Assistant” at a wedding may be a “Producer” of a conference, a “General” attendee today may be a “VIP” tonight, and a “Team Member” here will be a “Guest” next door.

Regardless of role, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender, financial, physical, or marital status, we will treat everyone equally with respect and furthermore, happily invite them to enjoy their time with us.

Happily may, at any time and within its discretion, remove team members or guests from an event who lack the decency to treat others as they would treat themselves. It is not acceptable for a team member or guest to feel threatened, harassed, or marginalized. Ever.

By holding ourselves to this code of conduct, we can live and work together happily.