We rapidly produce world-class experiences and branded content with ease

Custom solutions with a 1-team-per-client approach, 24/7.

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Experiences that we produce

The fastest way to reach all corners of the globe. We produce engaging live content for every platform.

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In certain cities with +70% fully vaccinated, be joyfully present while we handle the onsite details.

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Bring the best of online and onsite experiences together with Happily smart approaches to hybrid production.

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Our teams who deliver the magic

We live for making everyone happy


Events Produced


Happy VIPs



Case Studies

We work with the coolest talent, the most ambitious teams, and proven tech

Our superpowers

The diversity and size of our team makes it possible to get nearly anything done quickly.

Tech + Talent + Team

Simply tell us your vision and we'll configure the right tech, talent and team to go live.

People powered

Put us on speed dial to help anytime. We're the intelligence that isn't artificial.

Next level creative

Welcome guests into a fully branded experience with bold design, original music, and more.

Lightning fast response

Short runway? No problem! Some of our biggest productions were produced in days.

Remote work that works

Outsource tasks with confidence, knowing that Happily guarantees their delivery.

Meeting-less planning

We understand your time is precious. That’s why we only call for meetings when necessary.

Diversified teams

Tap into the most diverse network of qualified experience specialists in the world.

Carbon zero productions

We measure the carbon from every production and plant trees to protect our Mother Earth.