Happily brings the best of being online and onsite together.

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Uncomplicated execution.

We’ve already learned the hard way on hybrid productions so you don’t have to.

Savvy storytelling

Together, we’ll make interesting choices with style, pacing, and format to capture attention.

Unlocked possibility

We’re creative technologists who love surfacing possibilities, not problems and busy work.

Scalable team

Effortlessly launch and synchronize teams in multiple cities at once.

Newly networking

Architect virtual and physical spaces and programs that pique curiosity.

Playful sets

Our physical and digital sets play with each other in surprisingly intuitive ways.

Popup studios

No matter where your talent is located, we can popup a professional studio in a flash.

Intuitive platform

Smart UX to ensure online guests are in the right place at the right time.

Proactive plans

Weekly action plans that prioritize your tasks and ours make it easy to stay a step ahead.

Transparent pricing

Keep things simple with flexible payment options to help you maintain control of the production.

XR Studio Build

Upgrade your office with a live recording studio.

Starting price

$24,999 / minimum

What's Included

Year-round content strategy

Site survey and planning

Gear purchase or lease

Set & furniture design

Branding package

On-demand production crew

Event Tech

Onsite and online technical operations in one.

Starting all-inclusive price

$49,999 / minimum

What's Included

TD & Stage Manager

Cameras with operators

Video playback and livestreaming

Stage and room lighting

Mics and speakers

Projection & monitors

360 Experience

Bring all of our studios together for an epic show.

Starting all-inclusive price

$99,999 / minimum

What's included

User Journey Mapping

Sponsorship strategy & support

Talent curation & management

Video direction & scriptwriting

Physical & virtual set design

Web platform customization

Registration & guest experience

Content Marketing