COVID Safety At Onsite Events with Adrian Segar

We chatted about how COVID safe can an in-person event be, some recent misleading data, and all the statistics we have so far on this topic with Adrian Segar.

He is the founder of Conferences That Work, which designs and facilitates events driven by participation and engagement.

... as meeting professionals, we have a professional duty of care during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I think it’s important to provide a realistic assessment of risk for meeting stakeholders—especially potential attendees.

Adrian Segar, Founder, Conferences That Work via his blog

For the full discussion, watch Adrian on Happily Live with Sarah Shewey, CEO and Founder of Happily.

Adrian is a rockstar in the events industry

For decades he has been designing participant-led and participation-rich events and meetings all over the world.

Adrian is also the author of three books on the topic of events and conferences - or ‘unconferences’ as they are commonly referred to. His first book published in 2009 ‘Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love’, is considered a quintessential manual on how to craft genuinely engaging events.

His latest 2019 book, ‘Event Crowdsourcing: Creating Meetings People Actually Want and Need’, is an extensive guide to curating events that have the content that attendees actually want and need.

Adrian earned a Physics B.A. at Merton College, Oxford, England, and was awarded a Ph.D. in elementary particle physics from University College, London. These days he lives in Vermont, has founded two nonprofits, and has served on numerous nonprofit boards.

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