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Left Lane's Fast Growth Summit: UK and Europe


London, England

September 2022

This summit is an example of our dedication to the ecosystem [in Europe]. Our goal is that we can find ways to give back to this ecosystem.

Vinny Pujji

Vinny Pujji

Managing Partner, Left Lane Capital

Key Results

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The Challenge

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Left Lane Capital is a leading venture capital and early-growth equity firm that invests in high-growth internet and consumer technology businesses, managing over $1B in growth capital. Their mission is to partner with extraordinary entrepreneurs that are creating companies fundamental to the human condition and spirit. Previous startups in Left Lane’s portfolio include GoStudent, Masterworks, M1 Finance, Tovala, FightCamp, Wayflyer, and Tapcart. Left Lane is based in Brooklyn, New York, as well as London, England.

The Left Lane Fast Growth Summit is a hybrid event hosted twice a year in New York and London. It invites product and marketing growth leaders from world-class companies to share success stories, experiences, insights and challenges tasked with leading new pathways to scale.

This inaugural international Fast Growth Summit in England debuted the Left Lane offices in London. It allowed the Left Lane team to introduce themselves to the entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout Europe as global thought leaders and industry innovators. As an invite-only onsite guest list, this event is a special opportunity for invitees to network with top companies and venture capital firms from across the globe. The summit was followed by a private reception party for all the onsite guests, speakers and sponsors, as well as an exclusive VIP dinner for a selection of guests.

Following the success of the flagship Fast Growth Summit in New York, Left Lane once again partnered with Happily for a full-service production of both the onsite experience in London and the online experience for the virtual audience, as directed by their vision.

The ambition is to build a global hub, to be the place where anyone who is building a consumer and internet technology business… can come together… emphasize with other people who are taking the same journeys that you all are, and that we [at Left Lane] aspire to take.

Dan Ahrens

Dan Ahrens

Managing Partner, Left Lane Capital

The Solution

Left Lane Fast Growth Summit London 2022

As a hybrid event, the Left Lane 2022 Fast Growth Summit in London activated all five Happily Studios; Strategy, Experiential Creative, Broadcast and Web.

The Happily Strategy Studio Team was led by our Head of Strategy as the Executive Producer for the summit. The Executive Producer worked directly with the Left Lane team to design a comprehensive event strategy that aligned with their vision and goals. A Registration Lead and three Registration Assistants, ensured accurate documentation and a smooth registration experience for the 300+ onsite VIP guests and invitees.

The Happily Experiential Studio was led by our Head of Experiential Design who was on location in London. The onsite experience of the summit, the reception party and a VIP dinner were all meticulously crafted and planned by our Head of Experiential Design. The London Hotel was handpicked as an elegant and sophisticated setting for the summit, the reception cocktail party, as well as accommodation for the Left Lane team and speakers. The Happily Experiential Team also included a Producer, Assistant to the Producer as well as two Production Assistants, a Backstage Manager, a Talent Wrangler, and a VIP Concierge.

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The Happily Creative Studio was led by our Head of Creative, who was also on location in London. Together with a Creative Designer, a Presentation Graphic Designer, and a Video Editor, the Happily Creative Team oversaw and designed all visual asset elements of the summit, including, stage design, venue signage, guest name badges, overall summit branding, title cards, broadcast visual asset, and more. A Happily Scriptwriter wrote, edited and polished up all introductory, opening and closing speeches for the summit, while a Still Photographer documented the summit and the reception party.

The Happily Broadcast Studio was led by our Head of Broadcast, who oversaw and quality controlled all stage and video content for the livestream and on demand footage. Happily partnered with the in-house production team onsite at The Londoner Hotel for the majority of the audiovisual needs, such as a Technical Director, Camera Operators, Livestreaming Engineer, Gaffers, Audio Engineers and Key Grips.

The Happily Web Studio was led by our Head of Web, and consisted of a Quality Assurance Engineer and a Web Designer. They built a custom microsite for the Fast Growth summit, along with a separate registration page for invitees. The custom site served as an event landing page with all relevant details about the speakers, sponsors, and the agenda. The microsite hosted the livestream broadcast for all virtual attendees during the event, and afterwards served as the on demand platform.

At the private reception party that followed the summit, guests had the opportunity to mingle and network with other onsite attendees, speakers, the Left Lane team and the summit sponsors. There were a range of beverage options, as well an innovative plant-forward menu sourced primarily with local ingredients for sustainability. Live music from DJ Rebecca León ensured that the mood was always just right, and Ukrainian Artist, Hanna Migro, delighted guests with live portraits on site.

Sketches by Hanna Mirgo

The Results

Left Lane FGS London 2022

The Inaugural Fast Growth Summit 2022 in London was the ideal experience for the Left Lane team to gather and introduce themselves to Executives, VCs, Founders, and Operators from Series A – IPO companies from across the UK and Europe. They established Left Lane as thought leaders and innovators within the community and celebrated the opening of their London offices.

The Left Lane Fast Growth Summit 2022 London Speakers:

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happily_events_left lane summit London Aidan Corbett
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happily_events_left lane summit Rebecca Leon DJ

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