Sustainable Manufacturing with Designer, Educator & Advocate Barent Roth

Barent Roth joins us (on location from Governors Island, NYC!) to chat about locally making products from 100% solar power and recycled plastic

This is our MicroFactory. It's a solar shipping container that takes single-use plastic and turns it into durable goods so we're here on Governor's Island and happy to give you a tour of our facility.

Barent Roth, Co-Founder and Director of Circular Economy Manufacturing

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Barent has devoted his career to designing, educating and advocating

Barent came across the NYC Curb-to-Market Challenge in 2019, he participated with a proposal to collect the city’s plastic trash and locally turn it into new, well-designed products, using portable 100% solar powered rotational molding MicroFactories.

Chris Graff, a prolific entrepreneur in sustainable manufacturing, then partnered with Barent to become co-founders of Circular Economy Manufacturing.

Circular Economy Manufacturing is changing the way the world makes things. Their BioCyclr is the first sustainable food scrap collection bin made from single-use plastics with their solar powered shipping container called the MicroFactory.

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