VidCon México 2022: 3 Things Team Happily Loved

VidCon are super-popular conventions held annually in cities and languages all over the world for fans, creators, executives, and brands. In September 2022, the first VidCon in Mexico (and Latin America) was launched, and Team Happily was there.

This 3-day convention in Mexico City brought the digital world together, celebrating online communities, uplifting video content, and empowering content creators. VidCon México at the Citibanamex Center allowed leading content creators to share their journeys and meet their fans, with many industry leaders also joining to share advice and resources for digital creators in Latin America.

The convention hosted 60 panels, question-and-answer sessions, as well as live workshops. Along with the Meet & Greet sessions, there were also concerts as part of the YouTube Shorts Fest 22. On the first day, VidCon began with Industry Track, a program that presented 42 essential sessions for professionals in the digital environment such as TikTok, Meta, Snapchat, YouTube, and Spotify. Talks were about how successful cases of people have grown over the years on these platforms and kept this industry profitable.

On the rest of the days, the Community Track began with the YouTube Shorts Stage as the main place for talks with the digital leaders in Latin America, such as Chingu Amiga, Leyendas Legendarias, Luisito Comunica, Alex Tienda, Calle, and Poché.

There were also more than 20 participating brands that offered various immersive experiences at their stands. Among the most prominent brands were Kwai, Pinterest, TikTok, Barbie, TotalPlay, YouTube Shorts, Comedy Central, Telcel, Paramount, Paramount+, Pluto TV, MTV, and Nickelodeon.

VidCon Mexico 2022

As experience creators and event experts, here are 3 things Team Happily loved about the first VidCon México.

1. Design That Prioritized Experience

The rooms were well organized for the talks, and each of the activities were cleverly designed, making for a comfortable and enjoyable attendee experience. The main YouTube Stage was in an expansive and accessible space so attendees could feel close to their favorite content creators. Every single detail of the design, flow, content, and even the food, felt carefully thought out for a Mexican and Latin American audience.

2. Excellent Audio Quality

When attendees come specifically to see and hear from their favorite content creators, they do not want to miss a word, nor feel left out of the conversation on stage. The high quality of the AV tech at VidCon México ensured that dialogue could be clearly heard and engaged with by the audience throughout the space.

3. Friendly Staff & Professional Management

The operations of the main convention hall, where each participating brand hosted a stall or interactive experience, ran smoothly, did not feel overcrowded and was simple to navigate. The general convention staff were also friendly and attentive, allowing attendees to feel supported and directly part of the event experience.

VidCon Mexico 2022
VidCon Mexico 2022
VidCon Mexico 2022 3