10 Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Producing Happily Events

The year of 2022 marks 10 wonderful years of Happily!

From our origins as a startup focused on creating wedding magic, to an international network of event specialists delivering a complete suite of services for virtual, hybrid and onsite productions.

In these 10 years Happily has produced thousands of events, worked in a wide range of teams, and built relationships with all types of clients. So we have climbed a few mountains and we have navigated our fair share of learning curves.

happily events 10 Lessons Learnt from 10 Years of Producing Happily Events

Here are some general tips for producing events we have learned from working in the events industry for a decade.

1. Small talk wins big.

Start meetings with a little bit (read: 2 to 3 mins) of small talk. It will help build relationships, trust, and this will be especially helpful when things get hot in the kitchen! Having a practice of a calm, friendly opening to the start of each conversation is very important - and enjoyable!

2. Events are messy. Stay organized.

Every production is different and curating a culture of organization will help projects feel a little less... full on. Take time to establish a strong unified system for naming and organizing for your folders, files, and collateral - and stick with it! This way the team will always know where they can (quickly) find what they need.

3. Details matter.

Personalized experiences have grown to become the default in events. Paying attention to the details and creating a sense of customization is essential to delighting your guests.

4. Everyone is a VIP at some point.

Over the years we’ve seen Happily team members become celebrities, DJs win Grammy’s - you name it! Treat everyone on your team like a VIP, no matter what their role is. Truly valuing your team and curating a strong, respectful and empowering workplace culture will reflect back into every aspect of the event, of the project, of the workflow, of the brand ect.

5. The mental health (of you and of your team) is important.

Taking breaks throughout the day and dedicating at least one day a week to mental and physical health not only keeps you happier and healthy, it also promotes your creativity. Part of what makes events great is the masterful embrace of the good things in life. You have to take time to enjoy your own life to offer that experience to others.

6. Make the most of your time and let technology help.

There’s never enough time to do everything you want and everything you need to be on top of. By creating efficient systems and clear boundaries you will be able to power through your daily workload. Software has automated so many processes now, so take the time to stay current with the latest software trends for workflow, communication and collaboration.

7. Everyone makes mistakes...

… so don’t be too hard on other people when they do. Help set up your team members to succeed. Immediately rebalance or recalibrate the workload when you or your colleague is struggling with a task, or unnecessarily slowing down the production. The success of the event or project is the priority. You can always evaluate and address the situation after the production.

8. Pre-visualization is the secret to a flawless production.

The easier it is to see plans laid out, the more likely they’ll get executed as you envisioned and expected. By focusing on being able to clearly communicate your ideas and project requirements, your whole team will then be able to better produce them.

9. Keep your workspace neat and tidy.

We all have our own preferences when it comes to the physical environment we work in. So if you are the type of person that finds their desk can get a little (or a lot) disordered at times - no judgement, we get it. This piece of advice comes from the lesson that you just never know who is going to show up and see your workspace…

10. Put your values before your bank account.

Let a clear set of values guide everything that you do. Being happy and satisfied is what makes a person feel rich and successful. The money will come as you work towards your goals, and as you learn and grow - just let your values and what you hold important in life guide you towards that financial success.