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AI4ALL's AI's Future, Reimagined

Virtual Summit

March 2022

Love the themes of technical expertise, industry connections, and a supportive & inclusive community of peers! AI4ALL is doing incredible work.

Event Attendee

Event Attendee

The Challenge

happily AI4ALL

AI4ALL, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the field of AI through education, research, development, and policy. By offering educational opportunities and mentorship, AI4ALL aims to provide historically marginalized individuals with access to AI knowledge. Their ultimate goal is to foster a future where AI's leadership is shaped by a variety of experiences and perspectives, benefiting humanity as a whole.

In 2022, AI4ALL celebrated its fifth anniversary since its co-founding by Dr. Fei-Fei Li and Dr. Olga Russakovsky. This momentous occasion prompted AI4ALL to reflect on their accomplishments over the past years and set their sights on the future and their visionary aspirations.

To commemorate this milestone, AI4ALL hosted its inaugural virtual event, AI's Future, Reimagined. Despite the team's limited prior experience in producing virtual events, they enlisted the support of Happily, a trusted partner to provide comprehensive assistance. Happily's expertise included orchestrating the program, overseeing the entire broadcast, crafting a visually captivating experience, implementing a customized microsite platform, and providing day-of support.

By joining forces with Happily, AI4ALL ensured a successful and engaging two-day virtual event that exceeded expectations, showcasing the remarkable progress made thus far and inspiring participants to envision a future where AI is harnessed for the greater good.

It is so wonderful to see the energy that students bring when they talk about AI! Love the joy!

Event Attendee

Event Attendee

The Solution

happily AI4ALL

AI4ALL's momentous 5th anniversary celebration, AI's Future, Reimagined, unfolded over two days, with each day spanning approximately two hours. The first day centered around introducing a diverse group of AI4ALL students and Changemakers, shining a spotlight on their transformative education initiatives and programs. The second day delved into discussions on diversity within the industry and the industries that are leading the charge in AI development and adoption.

To co-create an exceptional virtual experience, a Happily Executive Producer collaborated closely with the AI4ALL team, ensuring a seamless execution of all aspects of the project. Together, they oversaw the creative vision, pre-recorded content, custom microsite, and the overarching Broadcast, Creative, and Web Happily Teams.

The dynamic Happily Broadcast Team brought the event to life, planning and executing the live broadcast. A dedicated Producer/Show Caller expertly crafted a detailed run of show (ROS) and managed the tech rehearsals and live broadcast cues. A Broadcast Streaming Engineer seamlessly integrated assets and brand wrappers into the broadcast stream, managing all the streaming technology. A Timekeeper/Clock displayed rundown timers for speakers and an overall timer, using color-coded cards to prompt speakers when to begin and conclude their remarks. A Backstage Manager orchestrated speaker rehearsals and ensured the smooth transition of speakers from the virtual greenroom to the live broadcast. A Broadcast Receptionist provided invaluable support to the Backstage Manager as needed.

The Happily Creative Team elevated the virtual experience with their attention to detail and thoughtful design. A Creative Director collaborated closely with the AI4ALL team, shaping the overall direction and intricacies of the event's design elements. A Graphic Designer adeptly utilized the established AI4ALL brand to craft visually captivating static graphic assets for frame wraps, slide titles, and overlays within the livestream. A Motion Graphics Designer built custom animated graphic assets, including transitions, that enriched the livestream experience. A Pre-Recording Video Director ensured the realization and completion of all scripted or pre-recorded content required for the live broadcast, while a Video Editor skillfully created and seamlessly integrated video assets into the livestream.

The resourceful Happily Web Team designed and developed a custom microsite that served as a marketing landing page, hosted the live broadcast, and housed the on-demand content. A Web Developer constructed a fully branded microsite tailored to AI4ALL's specifications for the event, incorporating an agenda, presenter overviews, registration capabilities, and a showcase of partners and sponsors.

Wow, I’m impressed and inspired. How can I get involved as a current graduate student?

Event Attendee

Event Attendee

The Results

happily AI4ALL

The anniversary celebration served as an occasion for AI4ALL to reflect on its rich history and ambitious goals, as showcased through its impactful educational initiatives and valuable partnerships. It provided a vital platform for prominent industry professionals and visionary brands to convene and engage in enlightening discussions about the imperative, strategies, and hurdles in fostering a diverse and inclusive future within the AI industry.

The first day of the event, themed "Setting the Course for AI's Future," revolved around highlighting the journeys of AI4ALL students and Changemakers. These remarkable individuals shared how their participation in AI4ALL's educational programs had profoundly transformed their perspectives on AI. Their compelling initiatives and inspiring personal stories resonated with the audience, leaving a lasting impact. The student presenters exuded confidence, resilience, and empowerment, captivating the audience with their engaging narratives.

The second day focused on the theme "Bringing Diversity to AI and Industry," featuring a standout discussion between AI4ALL co-founder Dr. Fei-Fei Li and Tony Ko, Head of Global AI at Slalom. They delved into Dr. Li's pivotal role in reshaping perceptions of computer vision and AI in the modern world, as well as her influential service on the US National AI Research Resource Task Force. The event culminated with closing remarks by Jensen Huang, Founder, President, and CEO of NVIDIA, providing an ideal conclusion to the two-day virtual extravaganza. Huang eloquently emphasized the transformative power of AI as the most revolutionary technology of our time, underscoring the vital importance of AI4ALL's mission to ensure universal accessibility and widespread benefits of this groundbreaking technology for all.

Some of the guest speakers included:

  • Daphne Luong, Senior Director, Machine Learning and AI of Apple
  • Fei-Fei Li, Ph.D., Sequoia Professor, Computer Science Department; Co-Director, Human-Centered AI Institute of Stanford University
  • Abhijit Bose, Managing Vice President, Software Engineering of Capital One
  • Kristy Rasbach, Chief Engineer – Autonomous Vehicles of General Motors
  • Jeff Wong, Global Chief Innovation Officer of EY
  • Dami Osunsanya, Vice President of SoftBank Group
  • Dominick Sanders, Computer Science State Supervisor, of South Carolina Department of Education

Sponsors and Partnerships of the event included:

  • Accenture
  • Salesforce
  • Capital One
  • Ernst & Young Global Limited
  • General Motors
  • Micron Foundation
  • Microsoft
  • Nielsen Holdings
  • Novetta
  • Pivotal Ventures
  • Prudential Financial
  • SAS
  • SoftBank Group
  • Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
  • Reboot Representation
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Maxar Foundation

Happy Birthday AI4ALL! What was most meaningful for me was hearing about how excited everyone involved in AI4ALL including the students, university partners, corporate sponsors, and of course the AI4ALL team themselves are so passionate and energetic about creating a brighter future for us all. So excited to see more diverse people at the head of the table!

Event Attendee

Event Attendee

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