Case Study

B Lab's Fireside Chat


February 2021

B Lab is our North Star! This presentation reinforces and validates all the new concepts - like Theory of Change - that I’ve been trying to introduce here in Belize. SUPER POWERFUL

Mandy Cabot

Mandy Cabot

Co-Founder, Silk Grass Farms
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Key Results

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The Challenge

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B Lab is a leader in economic systems change. They are a global nonprofit organisation that serves a worldwide movement of people using business as a force for good. Their vision is an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for all people and the environment. Businesses who meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose, can apply to become a Certified B Corporation. There are currently over 3,500 Certified B Corporations in more than 70 countries.

B Lab wanted to host a Virtual Fireside Chat with co-founders Andrew Kassoy and Bart Houlahan and partner organizations, for a Philanthropic Partner Briefing to unveil B Lab’s most recent update to their Theory of Change. The Theory of Change demonstrates how they build, scale and steer a global movement for economic systems change.

Very informative and inspiring. Thank you for this opportunity to delve into this formidable undertaking. We are really proud to support this work.

Aprile Age

Aprile Age

Executive Director, McNulty Foundation

The Solution

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Each Happily event is unique, and the needs of each client are different. B Lab simply required some basic assistance and guidance for their virtual event, and Happily’s production studio was charged with the behind-the-scenes aspects, and optimizing the attendee and speaker experience.

The event was a fireside chat style event, with 8 guest speakers from across the US and internationally. A Happily Breakout Production Assistant guided each speaker to ensure that they were as prepared as can be before going live, as well as providing some basic technical assistance.

Visual aids were a priority for the B Lab team as part of the event, and each presentation included a robust slide deck. The Happily Breakout Lead coordinated the general run of show, kept the schedule on track, managed the broadcast of each slide as each guest presented, as well as also undertaking some basic technical operations.

To conclude the event, there was a live Q&A session in which attendees could submit their questions via chat.

The Results

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Overall the Virtual Fireside Chat was a successful event. Attendees participated from all across the world and timezones, including Germany, Belize, Taiwan, the UK, and the US. We were also able to make this a carbon negative Happily event! The estimated amount of carbon emissions generated by this event was 3 kg, and we off set that by planting 1 tree in our Happily Forest.

Here are some key results and highlights:

  • 98% of people who registered attended the event, which was 49 out of 50
  • It reached 9 countries; Germany (8.5%), Belize (1.7%), Switzerland (3.4%), Taiwan (1.7%), the UK (5.1%), Canada (5.1%), US (71.2%), Uruguay (1.7%) and Argentina (1.7%)
  • A total of 11 questions were asked and answered during the Q&A session
  • The total duration of the event was 74 min, and the average viewing time was 60 min - which is a fantastic result!
  • Happily made this a carbon negative event! The estimated 3 kg of carbon emissions that were created by this event were off set with the planting of 1 tree in our Happily Forest
  • An estimated 72,000 kg of emissions avoided by going virtual

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