Case Study

Backstage Capital's On Demand Support for SXSW

Fractional Plan

SXSW in Austin, Texas

March 2022

In Austin, I met people from all over the world who appreciate the work I’ve done the past decade. Some found their dream careers, others feel more confident than ever. I’ll always be grateful.

Arlan Hamilton

Arlan Hamilton

Founder & Managing Partner, Backstage Capital
Backstage Capital SXSW 2022

The Challenge

Backstage Capital invests in companies led by those historically underestimated, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ founders. They engaged with Happily for Fractional support with the organization and management of their company’s presence across 5 days at SXSW 2022 in Austin, Texas.

From the many speaking engagements of their Founder and Managing Partner, Arlan Hamilton, to team dinners and community events for their portfolio companies, Happily’s travel concierge and production coordination specialists made sure every detail was given great care.

Backstage Capital’s Arlan Hamilton speaks on a panel about inclusive workforces at SXSW 2022.

Image: Backstage Capital’s Arlan Hamilton speaks on a panel about inclusive workforces at SXSW 2022.

In 2015, I slept in a rental car w/my mom, hoping to meet investors at @sxsw who would want to back a fund that didn’t yet exist. This year, I brought 30+ team/fam/guests, spoke on 5 stages, filmed my own tv show, & met hundreds of people who have been catalyzed by my work…

Arlan Hamilton

Arlan Hamilton

Founder & Managing Partner, Backstage Capital

The Solution

Team Happily matched specialists from our network with Backstage to accomplish the various tasks that they required support with. These Happily Specialists worked directly with the Backstage team to provide that on demand assistance.

A Happily Travel and Local Concierge handled all the flights and ground transportation for 20 people during the 5 day trip. This included to/from the airport, as well as various transportation between SXSW events, social gatherings, and more. Comprehensive itineraries were built for each person with all the information they required during the trip, such as flight details, event commitments, practical notes, nearby food options, Austin attractions, quiet escapes, ect.

The Happily Concierge was also onsite to provide ad hoc assistance with bookings, recommendations, transportation, troubleshooting, and any detail that would provide a smooth experience for the team. This included communication with hotel staff for requests, organizing personal welcome gifts, and a special private dinner for the Backstage Capital team. Hosted at restaurant Juniper, this private dining experience was also a chance to celebrate the birthday of Mrs Earline Sims, the mother of Arlan Hamilton, who was also in attendance. Throughout the day and during the dinner, the Happily Concierge created memorable moments for Mrs Sims with balloons, various gifts, handwritten notes, a custom playlist, as well as decorated a Pedibike.

During the trip, a Happily Onsite Coordinator and Assistant produced a private breakfast, the Backstage Headliner Hang, hosted by the Backstage team. Also included was the team from Runner, the newly launched company also founded by Arlan Hamilton. The Capital Factory venue was transformed into a warm and friendly meetup space, with a buffet breakfast, fresh coffee, and lots of spaces for guests to socialize. As directed by the Backstage team, the Happily Specialists provided design services, vendor selection, contract negotiation, installation supervision, and guest coordination.

Backstage Capital SXSW 2022

Image: A Happily Specialist checking in guests at the Backstage Headliner Hang.

On Monday at @sxsw, I said during my 5th of 5 talks that I mainly feel gratitude.

Arlan Hamilton

Arlan Hamilton

Founder & Managing Partner, Backstage Capital

The Results

By partnering with Happily for some extra helping hands, Backstage Capital were able to guarantee a productive and enjoyable experience for their team throughout the SXSW Conference. All the detailed coordination, personalized services, travel arrangements, event production, local recommendations, troubleshooting, and people management required for a business trip such as this was all taken care of.

With the assistance of just a few Happily specialists, the Backstage team’s experience of SXSW was completely elevated and they could focus on making the most of their time at the conference and with each other.

Backstage Headliner Hang SXSW 2022
Backstage Headliner Hang SXSW 2022 2
Backstage Headliner Hang SXSW 2022 3

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