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BEAM's Black Healing Remixed


Los Angeles

May 2023

It feels like we've been building up to this for a while and we've been so excited to be here and to create this space and to celebrate black women and girls.

Laura Harrier

Laura Harrier


The Challenge

BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective) stands as a beacon of empowerment and support for Black communities across the nation. With a commitment to healing, wellness, and liberation within these communities, BEAM diligently works to dismantle the barriers that hinder accessibility to emotional healthcare.

At the heart of BEAM lies their annual Black Healing Remixed: The Summit, a vibrant event based in Los Angeles that serves as a transformative platform for engaging conversations about Black mental health. Since its inception in 2021, the summit has been a catalyst for shifting shame to celebration, dismantling stigma, and fostering a powerful chorus of connection rooted in radical love. The summit's commitment to inclusivity is always evident in every aspect of its design. ASL interpretation is provided for all sessions, ensuring accessibility and inclusiveness for the Deaf community. Additionally, the virtual component of the summit allows individuals unable to attend in person to actively participate, widening the reach and impact of the event.

Happily Events BEAM BHR 2021 - 2023

BEAM's Black Healing Remixed throughout the years with Happily as their agency of record.

This collaboration builds upon the successful partnership between BEAM and Happily over the past three years, as together we have elevated and refined the Black Healing Remixed Summit. As the Black Healing Remixed: The Summit has consistently grown and evolved year after year, it has become an event that continually exceeds expectations. Once again, BEAM entrusted Happily with producing their highly anticipated annual summit.

In 2023, the Black Healing Remixed: The Summit embraced a hybrid format, providing a unique and nurturing space with a focus on the wellness of Black women and girls. Recognizing the unique challenges they face, the summit aimed to design an atmosphere filled with joy, love, and peace. Esteemed Black women leaders took the stage, leading insightful panel discussions and sharing invaluable strategies and insights to support the wellbeing of Black women and girls. The event also featured a range of wellness stations and activations, offering rejuvenating and interactive experiences for attendees.

Leveraging the expertise of Happily's Experiential, Creative, Broadcast, Strategy, and Web Studios, the hybrid event was thoughtfully crafted to deliver an immersive experience for all onsite and virtual attendees. By drawing upon our collective strengths and experiences, BEAM and Happily aimed to create an event that surpasses previous iterations, offering a special and unique experience of healing, wellness, and connection specifically catered to Black women and girls.


Yolo Akili Robinson, Founder and Executive Director of BEAM with Actress and Model, Laura Harrier.

The event went SO BEAUTIFULLY! The set up was great, the turnout was amazing, and folks really enjoyed themselves.

 Dayo Akinyemi

Dayo Akinyemi

Director of Communications, BEAM

The Solution


The Happily Experiential Studio skillfully managed the operational aspects of the summit, ensuring a smooth execution throughout the planning and day-of stages. Working closely with the BEAM team, a Happily Producer ensured that every element of the summit aligned with their brand, mission, and vision. They facilitated team meetings, managed schedules, conducted rehearsals, and ensured that the run of show proceeded according to plan. Two Happily Production Assistants provided valuable assistance as needed, supported by two Activation Leads.

The summit's onsite agenda was thoughtfully designed to prioritize the wellbeing of attendees. Our Happily Experiential Studio played a key role in guiding the curation of activities, creating special moments, and designing photo opportunities to enhance the overall experience. Throughout the venue, attendees enjoyed carefully sourced and designed activity stations, each crafted with precision. These engaging elements added depth and variety to the event, offering attendees a rich and meaningful experience to immerse themselves in.

One highlight was the interactive Affirmation Wall, where attendees were encouraged to write their own affirmations and contribute to a collective space of positivity and empowerment.

Happily events BEAM BHR 2023 4
Happily events BEAM BHR 2023 2

At the dedicated Coloring Station, guests could flex their creativity and relieve stress by engaging with special Black Healing Remixed Coloring Pages including patterns sourced from the work of Ruth E Carter, the Academy Award Winning Costume Designer for Black Panther. There was also 'Blooming in Motion' by Amber Barbee Pickens, a coloring book celebrating Black history through the performing art of dance.

Happily events BEAM BHR 2023 1

The beloved Floral Station by Whit Hazen provided attendees with an enchanting opportunity to create their own personalized bouquets. This hands-on experience allowed each participant to craft a unique arrangement that resonated with their individual style and preferences. By selecting the blooms that spoke to them, attendees not only created a stunning floral masterpiece but also took home a cherished keepsake that embodied the essence of the event.

Art enthusiasts were treated to live painting and visual performance art by Jaz Morse, a queer Jamaican artist renowned for her vibrant colors and art inspired by escapism. The book and letter writing station provided a space for introspection and healing, offering literature centered around Black mental health and inviting attendees to engage in journaling activities that fostered self-reflection.

Happily events BEAM BHR 2023

For those seeking a moment of tranquility, the quiet Relaxation Station provided a serene oasis where attendees could rejuvenate their senses and experience the soothing effects of essential oils. For families with young children the Kids Fun Zone offered a delightful array of toys, arts and crafts. Childcare services were provided for children aged 10 and under, ensuring a comfortable environment for both the little ones and their parents to fully enjoy the event.


The Happily Creative Studio curated a cohesive and visually captivating experience that defined every aspect of the event. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the summit's objectives, the Happily Creative Studio seamlessly integrated a visual narrative, resulting in a unified and stylish event. Their expertise extended to designing printed materials, creating engaging microsite layouts, crafting compelling broadcast graphics, and transforming the physical spaces of the venue.

Building upon the event identity of the previous year, the Happily Creative Studio brought a fresh perspective to the summit. The printed materials were thoughtfully crafted to effectively communicate the essence of the event, capturing its unique spirit and purpose. Meanwhile, the microsite design provided attendees with an engaging and user-friendly digital platform. The broadcast graphics elevated the virtual experience during panel discussions and other presentations. The Creative Studio's thoughtful touch extended to the physical spaces of the venue, creating environments that reflected the summit's aspirations. From furniture selection to render creation, every detail was thoughtfully considered to ensure a cohesive experience throughout the venue.

Happily BEAM BHR 2023

Examples of assets designed by the Happily Creative Studio


The Happily Web Studio took the lead in developing a custom microsite for the summit, serving as a marketing landing page and dedicated platform for the virtual broadcast. The microsite included a schedule, speaker bios, and sponsor information, all designed to enhance the attendee experience. This user-friendly microsite showcased the summit's schedule, allowing attendees to navigate the sessions easily. Speaker bios provided insights into the backgrounds and expertise of the featured speakers, as well as acknowledged the sponsors, recognizing their support and contributions to the summit's success.

BEAM BHR 2023 Happily Web Studio


The Happily Broadcast Studio delivered a seamless and captivating broadcast experience for both live virtual attendees and on demand viewers. With their expertise, they ensured a high-quality production that effectively captured the essence of the event and its engaging sessions.

From managing high-level communication to making critical decisions during the live broadcast, the Showrunner skillfully guided the production, ensuring a smooth and dynamic flow. The Director of Photography crafted the visual elements, determining lighting, composition, and camera angles, creating a visually stunning experience for viewers. The Camera Operator captured all aspects of the event, preserving every moment for virtual attendees and on demand viewers to relish.

The Audio Engineers designed the sound system, ensuring optimal audio quality and seamless mixing for a captivating audio experience. The Grips expertly set up and managed the lighting equipment, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the broadcast. The Video Playback Engineer skillfully curated and played back the music, enhancing the ambiance and maintaining the desired atmosphere throughout the event. The Backstage Manager provided invaluable support, assisting the Producer with talent communication and presentation, ensuring a cohesive and well-coordinated production.

happily events BEAM 2023

Christina [Happily Producer] was amazing per usual! Overall, we are so appreciative to the entire Happily team for their thoughtfulness and hard work. The event was a true success!

Dayo Akinyemi

Dayo Akinyemi

Director of Communications, BEAM

The Results

The collaboration between BEAM and Happily for the 2023 Black Healing Remixed: The Summit resulted in another exceptional event that left a lasting impact on all involved.

The roundtable talk featuring Laura Harrier, Marsai Martin, Reverend Valerie Spencer, and Dr. Yaba Blay provided invaluable insights on supporting Black women and girls, elevating the conversation and inspiring meaningful change. The wellness stations offered rejuvenating and unique experiences for all attendees, fostering a sense of wellbeing and self-care.

Happily events BEAM BHR 2023

The panel conversation, featuring Tabitha Brown, Isis King, Dr. Mariel Buqué, and Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, brought together esteemed voices in the field, creating a rich and enlightening discussion on the wellness of healers and mental health leaders. The energetic DJ dance breaks with DJ Kiss infused moments of joy and celebration, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

The Black Healing Remixed: The Summit is a beacon of empowerment, providing a safe space for Black communities to gather, share experiences, and engage in vital discussions on mental health. With a commitment to celebrating Black voices, the summit inspires positive change, fostering collective healing and resilience. Happily is proud to be an ongoing partner with BEAM for this transformative summit.

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Happily events BEAM BHR 2023 4
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