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Bloom Energy's Aspire Series


June 2021

I’m honored to be here among so many thought leaders in government and businesses.

Jennifer Granholm

Jennifer Granholm

US Secretary of Energy

Key Results

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The Challenge

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Bloom Energy’s mission is to make clean, reliable, and affordable energy available to everyone around the world. They produce solid oxide fuel cell power generators that use natural gas or biogas as fuel.

Their on-site electric power solution redefined the electric power market and is transforming how power is generated and delivered. The Energy Server Platform is among the most efficient energy generators to date, dramatically reducing electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Bloom is trusted by some of the world's largest companies to provide them with clean energy.

Happily was engaged by them again for the second of a three part summit series called ASPIRE. The series focuses on thought leadership and discussion around clean energy. This event, ASPIRE 2, was the first time that the series would be open to the public for live viewing. ASPIRE 1 was also produced by Happily, although was not intended for public attendance.

We packed in an extraordinary amount [of content] in 90 minutes!

Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria

CNN journalist and ASPIRE Host

The Solution

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ASPIRE 2 was a 90 minute publically live streamed broadcast, consisting of panel discussions, presentations from high-profile speakers and a number of government officials. Also included was a VIP Event breakout room in Zoom, with a private viewing for Bloom Energy’s selected guests to watch together and connect with each other during the live broadcast.

There was a short runway from ASPIRE 2 going from a private event, to a public one. This adjustment meant that the production value, the branding, the tech behind the scenes, the registration process; all needed to be stepped up and revised in order for Bloom Energy and the ASPIRE summit series to shine for a public audience.

Happily built a basic public viewing page with real-time registration tracking on We created a remote broadcast studio with a quick redesign of broadcast graphics, and the run of show for the event was altered more to the familiar pacing of a TV broadcast.

An Executive Producer and a Producer / Show Caller led the Happily team. Along with a Streaming Engineer, a Clock (or timekeeper), a Backstage Manager, a Breakout Manager, as well as a Broadcast Receptionist.

Another ASPIRE that truly INSPIRED.

Carl Guardino

Carl Guardino

EVP, Global Government Affairs & Policy, Bloom Energy

The Results

ASPIRE 2 was moderated by CNN host, Fareed Zakaria, with keynote speakers including KR Sridhar, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Bloom Energy, as well as Jennifer Granholm, the US Secretary of Energy. A number of government officials also spoke, such as Chris Coons, US Senator for Delaware; Luke Bronin, the Mayor of Hartford, and Jimmy Panetta, U.S Congressman for District 20, California.  

The VIP private viewing room was a great success, with 80 attendees, and a 85% turnout rate. The VIP guest list included an impressive mix of mayors and c-level executives in the clean energy industry. Representatives from the media also tuned in, such as the Financial Times, Bloomberg News, and the Washington Examiner.

Some highlights that shone bright:

  • There 194 views from the public during the livestream
  • 185 people registered for the event
  • At the peak there are 104 viewers during the livestream
  • The average watch time was 53:47 minutes - which is incredible for a 90 minute event
  • The VIP room had a 85% turnout rate, with 91 RSVPs and 80 attendees


Emil Peña

Emil Peña

President, NetCom

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