Case Study

Chooch Case Study

The whole team at Chooch was blown away by the quality of the event.

Jeffrey Goldsmith

Jeffrey Goldsmith

CMO, Chooch

Key Results

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The Challenge


Chooch is the leader in visual artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision. Their cutting edge technology can save lives in the workplace, reduce defects in manufacturing, personalize media experiences, speed research in healthcare, and more.

Chooch’s Infinite Vision Summit 2022 was a curated series of insightful talks and presentations centered around AI and computer vision. As a startup, Chooch wanted to strategically gather thought-leaders to demonstrate the exciting future of computer vision, and to build relationships between themselves and their customers, partners and community.

Chooch partnered with Happily to lead the production of this half-day virtual summit with a full service offering from conception to pre-production, and day-of operation to post-production assets.

Let’s not replace humans with machines, but let’s augment humans with machines.

Emrah Gultekin

Emrah Gultekin

Co-Founder & CEO, Chooch AI

The Solution

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The Happily studios that were activated for this virtual production were our Broadcast Team, our Creative Team, and our Web Team.

A Happily Executive Producer collaborated directly with the Chooch leadership team to advise the overarching event program, strategy and vision.

Our Happily Broadcast Team consisted of a Producer and Showcaller to oversee the entire broadcast production and all elements of the Happily engagement. A Director, Editor and Broadcast Engineer to govern all the technical aspects of the broadcast, as well as the quality and consistency of the final product. Together they worked with a Camera and Sound Coordinator to lead and organize the pre-recorded segments of the summit.

From our Happily Web Team, two Web Developers built and designed a custom microsite to host the virtual summit. This dedicated page on Chooch’s website was a branded experience to broadcast the livestream, with a live chat function to encourage activity and questions from attendees. Also included in the microsite was an overview of each of the speakers and presenters with their headshots.

Our Happily Creative Team included a Designer, a Screenwriter, and a Motion Graphics Designer. A Designer crafted the overall look and feel of the visual assets of the event, including the microsite, banners, transitions, lower thirds, and graphic design. At the last minute, a Screenwriter was brought in to co-write the keynote speech of the Chooch CEO, to polish up the content and ensure that it was a highlight of the program. A Motion Graphics Designer created a custom video transition for the summit.

The Results

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Chooch’s Infinite Vision Summit was full of engaging, concise and impactful content from a diverse range of industry professionals, intellectuals, and thought leaders. They are able to successfully connect with speakers from leading brands such as Deloitte, Dell, Lenovo, Verizon, VMware, Coca Cola Icecek, Axis Communications, Intellisite and Gartner.

Throughout the duration of the broadcast there was an encouraging amount of live engagement from the attendees via the chat function, and there was great audience retention. From a technical and production perspective, everything went smoothly and resulted in a professional and elevated virtual summit experience.

Some quick results and stats:

  • There were 1,230+ impressions
  • There was 3.5 hours worth of content
  • An average watch time 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • The total watch time was 39 days and 4 hours
  • The event was 100% carbon neutral!
  • Approximately 10,000 tons of CO2 was reduced by going virtual
  • The 103 tons of CO2 that was emitted by this virtual event was offset by Happily by planting 1,000 trees in our Happily Forest

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