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Clean Creatives' The F-List Awards

Awards Ceremony


March 2022

I hope that the F-List Awards serve as a wake up call. It's too late for companies to do what's right and end all the deceit.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

United States Senator from Rhode Island

Key Results

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The Challenge

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Clean Creatives is a project for PR and ad professionals who want a safe climate future. It is supported by Fossil Free Media, a nonprofit media lab that supports the movement to end fossil fuels and address the climate emergency.

They wanted to spotlight and document some of the worst greenwashing campaigns from agencies in the past year or two. With a tongue-in-cheek virtual ceremony, 10 ‘awards’ would be given to ads, campaigns, and agencies that promote the fossil fuel companies that are most responsible for the climate crisis.

Clean Creatives / Fossil Free Media partnered with Happily for a full service production of the inaugural F-List Awards 2022.

The Solution

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A Happily Executive Producer worked directly with the Clean Creatives Team to ensure that the planning experience and final result authentically reflected their vision, values and goals for the event.

From the Happily Creative Team, a Video Editor assembled and edited all the pre-recorded video material delivered by the presenters and the host, while a Graphic Designer produced all the broadcast graphics assets including title cards, lower thirds, transitions, and frames.

The Happily Broadcast Team were responsible for preparing speakers, finalizing the graphic elements of the show, and engineering the livestream on the day. This included a Producer, Broadcast Streaming Engineer, Backstage Manager, Broadcast Receptionist and Broadcast Timekeeper.

The Happily Web Team built a custom microsite to host the broadcast, with more information on the event, the mission and the list of presenters.

The Results

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Hosted by Rollie Williams from Climate Town, the Clean Creatives’ The F-List Awards was able to ‘celebrate’ and ‘honor’ the best of the worst in fossil fuel advertising and PR. With a healthy dose of sarcasm and some serious satire, stunningly egregious campaigns were ridiculed and criticized for their shameless contributions to the unprecedented and unmitigated climate disaster.

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The presenters included ad and PR industry, influencers, and creators:

  • Tolmeia Gregory, Climate Justice Activist
  • Bill McKibben, Author, Environmentalist, Activist
  • Deb Morrison, U Oregon Professor of Advertising
  • Colin Vernon, Co-founder & CIO, Slow Factory
  • Max Moinian, Co-Founder, Future Earth Catalog
  • Thania Peck, Sustainability Activist, Catcher in the Style
  • Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., President and Founder, Hip Hop Caucus
  • Solitaire Townsend, Chief Solutionist, Futerra
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The awards and winners were:

1. Biggest Environmental Impact

Winner: Hill+Knowlton Strategies, for their work with The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

2. Excellence in Science Fiction

Winner: BBDO for their work on Exxon’s algae fuel ads

3. Most Impressive Cognitive Dissonance

Winner: Iris Worldwide, for working on behalf of COP26 and Shell

4. Achievement in Congressional Hearing Appearances

Winner: T-Brand Studio, for having their Exxon ads shown at a hearing on climate disinformation

5. The Public Disservice Award

Winner: The Monkeys, for their partnership with the Australian Government on the Positive Energy Campaign

6. Lifetime Achievement in Shortening Lifetimes

Winner: Edelman

7. Longest Disclaimer That Goes to Show You Should Always Read the Fine Print When Taking on Campaigns Because Otherwise You End Up Getting an Award Like This Where We Talk About How You Didn’t Read the Disclaimer Award

Winner: VCCP for their work with Shell

8. Special Achievement in Youth Outreach/Destruction

Winner: Carmichael Lynch for their work making weird chillwave mixes for ConocoPhillips

9. Special Achievement in Selective Awareness

Winner: WPP for adopting a Net Zero pledge while still working with dozens of fossil fuel clients

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