CMX Global Case Study

So happy with the team and cannot thank Happily enough for stepping in giving that advice to us and really helping us to fine-tune this event from the backend.

Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Event Manager, CMX Media and Bevy

Key Results


attendees from 84 countries


live speakers


business day turnaround for Happily team

The Challenge

Last minute support for a virtual winter wonderland

CMX Media is the No. 1 international education platform for community builders. They provide a digital hub to support, educate and help community professionals grow, learn and connect. Their mission is to assist professionals working within communities to thrive with their own personal network of peers, mentors, and experts.

Although having successfully put together many in-person events and summits in the past, the CMX Global Connect Winter Soirée 2020 was their first ever virtual event experience like this. The CMX team had just 5 weeks to pivot to a 6 hour virtual event, without any such experience in hosting, building or structuring a virtual summit. This fun and quirky, winter wonderland-themed virtual event was their largest to date with over 2,000 community members from 84 countries expected to attend.

The CMX team reached out to Happily in the 11th hour, just 3 business days prior to the event, seeking advice and guidance with organizational strategy, technical backend support and creating a streamlined, professional virtual experience for the participants, presenters, and everyone involved.

Let’s try like the 13th hour, let’s even like kicking that ball further. So I think I spoke to you [Sarah Shewey, CEO and Founder, Happily], I’m pretty sure it was the Wednesday before our event, our event was the following Tuesday. So that was a week out and what is that? 3 full business days. So after I spoke to you [Sarah Shewey], everything you said literally was just 'click, click yes'!

Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Event Manager, CMX Media and Bevy

The Solution

We know exactly what is needed

The Happily team had no time to spare in completely shifting the backend structure of the summit's broadcast. The technical assistance and management through the introduction of virtual event specialists proved vital for a smooth broadcast on the day of the event.

A Producer was added to create a detailed run of show and ensuring strong communication across the teams. A Technical Director guaranteed a technologically seamless broadcast and livestream. They expertly ensured a professional virtual event experience for the participants and provided a sophisticated backend environment for speakers with a system of virtual greenrooms and a visual cue function on their screens. A Backstage Manager enabled an easy movement of speakers from the virtual greenrooms into the live broadcast, communicating with them constantly and allowing each speaker to enter the live broadcast feeling prepared and comfortable. A Timekeeper provided the software and expertise to ensure that the tight schedual was kept in check, and that each speaker was conscious of their cues to speak or wrap up.

Happily's virtual events professionals efficiently and swiftly adapted to the needs of CMX. Although there was little time to get familiarised with the ins and outs of the virtual summit, Team Happily was able to cleanly join forces with CMX, respond to their needs, anticipate any issues and unite towards a common goal; an entertaining, inspiring and seamless Winter Soirée to send out 2020.

So anyone who is producing events virtually should definitely use Happily even if you have something as small - just a small get together or you need help or you don’t know where to start or you just need some education or just guidance in general.

Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel

Event Manager, CMX Media and Bevy

The Results

A fantastic way to farewell 2020

Everyone involved had such a blast during this winter wonderland soirée.

Some highlights from the summit:

  • 79% attendance turnout rate with 2,100 attendees from 2,879 RSVPs
  • A fast turnaround responce with Team Happily able to streamline the backend production with just 3 business days of notice
  • Peace of mind for the client knowing the backend was completely covered by a team of virtual event specialists
  • Instantaneous and wall-to-wall technical support provided by Team Happily during broadcast
  • An effortless and smooth experience for guest speakers and live talent