Case Study

DoorDash's IPO Celebration


December 2020

Happily has an incredible network of artists and culture builders.

Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee

VP, Global Culture, DoorDash

Key Results

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The Challenge

Can Happily make a morning on Zoom joyful?

DoorDash was going public during a pandemic and needed help celebrating this very special day with thousands of employees working safely from home. And, by December, Zoom fatigue had really set in and the planning team was in search of fun and interactive ways to engage the diverse interests of its team.

The IPO event was scheduled to happen at 7 AM for most employees so we had to curate a unique suite of experiences that felt appropriate for the time of day as well as the momentous occasion. We also wanted to tie each experience back to our company values to ensure a rich cultural experience for employees.

Of course, IPO activity creates a flurry of activity with priorities beyond the celebration. So the DoorDash team was looking for a full service partner they could trust with taking the experience through every phase, from idea to talent curation, production, technical and web.

A company has this moment ONCE and it only happens if they're fortunate enough to reach this point. Layer on top of that the extreme circumstances that this year has presented us all with. Know that the work you did here today was uplifting for our employees at a much needed time and will forever be a part of DoorDash history!

Jamaal Orr

Jamaal Orr

Employee Connections Manager, DoorDash

The Solution

Custom end-to-end experience design

Custom end-to-end experience design

We came up with 7 categories:

  • Music: An all vinyl set, a voice warm up with opera singers, and a sound bath
  • Workouts: Cycling, desk yoga, and a HIIT session
  • Self Care: Organize your home office with a Marie Kondo pro, beauty tips, breathing exercises
  • Mental Gymnastics: Crossword puzzles with a comedian, trivia with a TV buff
  • Reflection: Gratitude journaling, vision boarding for 2021
  • Breakfast: Chat with a barista, teahouse rituals, leftover recipes
  • Quality Time: Fur baby cafe, underground plant trade, and play date with kids in the kitchen

While our curators secured talent to bring our concepts to life, Happily's creative team collaborated with DoorDash’s brand lead to develop a custom microsite experience that felt like home to the organization. After joining us at TEDxHappily, DoorDash was impressed with the simple clarity of the microsite we built and enlisted us to build a similar platform that brought the IPO bell ringing livestream together with simultaneous Zoom rooms. We offered two design directions, designed the UX/UI for the site and created accompanying welcome animations for each Zoom room to unify the guest experience.

Virtual events are just as much - if not more - about the on-screen and guest experience than it is about the technology.

Sarah Shewey

Sarah Shewey

Founder and CEO, Happily

The Results

We woke up like this!

We woke up like this

The experience was a big hit!

  • 2,400 participants
  • 38,000 minutes viewed
  • Average of 15 minutes duration per person
  • Over 50% talent hired were BIPOC, over 50% women/non-binary, over 10% LGBTQ+
  • 30 day runway to launch
  • Carbon negative event with 50 trees planted

DoorDash employees loved having so many options of experiences to choose from and the flexibility to jump from room to room. Our most popular rooms included laughing nonstop while playing Crosswords with Flula Borg, going on a journey of Latin America through music with Dublab DJ Ganas, energizing with Jackie Cantwell's crystal singing bowls, and our TV trivia room.

Everyone absolutely LOVED. IT. Slam dunk team!!!!!

Rachel Dorcelien

Rachel Dorcelien

Director, Employee Communications & Connections, DoorDash

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