Case Study

Eat the Change's Earth Month Activation

Onsite Pop-Up

Nasdaq MarketSite, Times Square, NYC

April 2023

What. A. Week. Wow, thank you so much for supporting this project. Felt like a huge success!

Shireen Husain

Shireen Husain

Director of Field Marketing, Eat the Change
Happily Events Eat the Change 2023

The Challenge

Eat the Change is an innovative snack company founded by activist entrepreneur Seth Goldman and celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn. Their mission is to inspire individuals to make sustainable food choices by creating chef-crafted, nutrient-dense snacks that prioritize both taste and the planet. Driven by their planet-based commitments, Eat the Change is expanding the impact of planet-friendly foods. With Seth Goldman's experience as the Founder of Honest Tea and Chair of the Board at Beyond Meat, and Spike Mendelsohn's culinary expertise, they are redefining the snacking industry. Together, they have also established PLNT Burger, a sister company that focuses on quick-serve restaurants offering American classic comfort foods with an improved flavor experience—made entirely from plants.

Happily Events Eat the Change Earth Month Activation 2023

The 'Eat the Change' team at the Earth Month Activation outside Nasdaq

To celebrate Earth Month, Eat the Change participated in the prestigious 'ringing the bell' ceremony at Nasdaq, placing their brand on a national and global platform within the financial market. Building upon this momentum, they then went on to strategically host an activation just outside the Nasdaq building, seizing the opportunity to amplify their company's presence to passersby and investors. The pop-up itself aimed to ignite awareness about the profound impact of our food choices on the planet, emphasizing the transformative potential of simple dietary adjustments.

Eat the Change partnered with Happily for this activation, collaborating on design direction, set buildout, and onsite coordination. Happily’s shared commitment to environmental consciousness and sustainability played a pivotal role in Eat the Change's decision to choose us as their agency partner. Crafting the activation with care, our priority was to use environmentally-friendly, recyclable, and reusable materials. Happily's demonstrated expertise and innovative approach with sustainable event solutions enabled us to deliver a result that integrated sustainability, design, and functionality.

The goal was to create a marketing and educational activation that aligned with the environmental objectives and engaged the passersby in Times Square. The public would be invited to explore the diverse range of Eat the Change products and uncover the origins of their sustainable ingredients. The activation would also go beyond product showcasing and provide an educational platform, offering valuable insights into the environmental impacts of food production. Through the interactive #incrEDIBLEplanetchallenge, passersby would deepen their understanding of sustainable practices and learn how to make informed food choices that contribute to a greener future.

The Solution

Happily Events Eat the Change Earth Month Activation 2023

Initial architectural renders by Happily of the activation design outside Nasdaq

The Happily Creative Studio and Set Designer orchestrated a custom scenic layout and graphic elements to capture the essence of the Eat the Change brand and their mission. The activation showcased an array of their products, educational insights and enlightening facts all centered around the theme of "Small Food Swaps. Big Climate Impact." As this was a site specific design, our Creative Team started the process by establishing CAD drawings of the space outside the Nasdaq entrance. These plans guaranteed a detailed and accurate representation of the space as we progressed through the development process. Creating a scenic design that harmonized with the space was paramount, to facilitate a seamless flow for passersby and ensured a sense of cohesion with the surroundings.

Happily Events Eat the Change Earth Month Activation 2023

CAD render of activation design by Happily

The layout consisted of six distinct zones, each with its own purpose, and in the center was an interactive photo booth. The first pillar acted as an introduction to Eat the Change’s #incrEDIBLEplanetchallenge with the remaining four zones focused on the essential messages: 'Ditch Plastic Water Bottles,' 'Swap to Plant-based Milk,' 'Choose a Plant-based Lunch,' and 'Switch to Organic.' To evoke the setting of a pop-up farmer's market, each pillar was adorned with recycled crates with a selection of Eat the Change products. The use of these recycled crates not only added an authentic touch but also symbolized the sustainable ethos embraced by the brand. The interactive photobooth provided participants with an opportunity to capture branded GIFs, which they could then share on their social media platforms spreading the hashtag #incrEDIBLEplanetchallenge.

Happily Events Eat the Change Earth Month Activation 2023

CAD renders of activation design by Happily showing various perspectives

Happily Events Eat the Change Earth Month Activation 2023

Close up of graphic designs for each pillar

The design and construction of the activation not only incorporated recycled plastic crates but also embraced a range of other sustainable elements and practices. A notable example is the thoughtful construction of the pillars using recycled steel and wood materials, exemplifying Eat the Change's unwavering commitment to sustainability and enabling their future use in subsequent activations. By leveraging these recyclable and reusable materials, the design achieved a seamless fusion of functionality and eco-consciousness, reinforcing the event's overarching commitment to sustainability.

The Happily Experiential Studio collaborated closely with the Eat the Change team to ensure strong onsite coordination. A Happily Producer led the production, overseeing meetings, schedules, event budgeting, and communication to ensure the successful execution of all requirements. Assisting the Producer and the Eat the Change team, two Happily Production Assistants provided invaluable support in planning and executing various production tasks.

The Results

Happily Events Eat the Change Earth Month Activation 2023

Jesse Zryb, the Happily Set Designer, and Isaac Douek, the Happily Producer, onsite at the activation

Through the showcase of their food products and the emphasis on the positive impact of sustainable eating, Eat the Change successfully engaged and educated the public. This activation highlighted the significance of individual choices in building a healthier planet and effectively connected their products to a sustainable future. By offering a solution to the global challenges faced in the food production industry, Eat the Change demonstrated their commitment to addressing these issues and inspiring change through their food offerings.

Happily Events Eat the Change Earth Month Activation 2023
Happily Events Eat the Change Earth Month Activation 2023
Happily Events Eat the Change Earth Month Activation 2023

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