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Female Founders Fund’s CEO Summit

Onsite Summit

New York City

February 2023

I mentioned this to many of the organizers but this was the single most favorite conference I have ever attended.

Corinne Vargas

Corinne Vargas

Founder, SMARTCharts
Female Founders Fund CEO Summit 2023 45

The Challenge

The Female Founders Fund (FFF) is a seed stage venture fund that invests exclusively in female-founded companies. Their annual CEO Summit is a full day, invitation-only conference that gathers 200 of the country’s most powerful venture-backed female founders.

This year’s theme was ‘Agents of Change’ with a thought-provoking program designed to inspire action and fuel creativity. Guests this year included Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of Clinton Foundation; Amrapali Gan, CEO of Onlyfans; Allyson Felix, Olympian and Co-Founder of Saysh; Sarah Harden, CEO of Hello Sunshine.

The Female Founders Fund engaged our Fractional services to activate the specific Experiential Happily Specialists and roles they required to support the operations of their CEO Summit.

Female Founders Fund CEO Summit 2023
Female Founders Fund CEO Summit 2023 14

An epic day at the exclusive FFF CEO Summit, connecting with some of the most brilliant female minds, change makers and visionaries in the U.S.

April Dominguez

April Dominguez

CEO & Founder, Handsome

The Solution

With our Fractional hiring, we worked with the FFF team to refine the roles and determine areas in which they required support for our CEO Summit. Happily presented the FFF team with a curated short list of candidates that met their requirements. These Happily Specialists were then introduced via a brief interview for the final green light from the FFF team.

Happily Events Female Founders Fund 3

For the CEO Summit, the Female Founders Fund activated a Producer, 3 Production Assistants, 2 Registration Assistants, a Backstage Manager and 2 Talent Wranglers.

The Happily Producer oversaw the production operations and programming of the day, working closely with the FFF team to coordinate and execute the run of show. The Happily Production Assistants ensured a smooth operational flow for the whole event, working alongside the Producer and the FFF team to assist and be directed where and when needed.

The Happily Registration Assistants supported the FFF team to check-in guests upon arrival, attending to any questions, and creating an overall welcoming, attentive and personable experience for guests as they arrive. The Happily Backstage Manager and Talent Wranglers coordinated the movements of all 26 speakers from the greenroom to the main stage, ensuring that each speaker and presenter were attended to and well informed.

Female Founders Fund CEO Summit 2023
Female Founders Fund CEO Summit 2023 44
Female Founders Fund CEO Summit 2023 60

I walked away feeling seen and empowered and with renewed grit to be that agent of change that is so very necessary in women's health care.

Marina Tarasova

Marina Tarasova

COO and Co-founder, Paloma Health

The Results

The Female Founders Fund’s 2023 CEO Summit was another iconic gathering of America’s most powerful venture-backed female founders with a combined enterprise value of $10+ Billion!

A highlight of the day was featured speaker, Chelsea Clinton, who urged guests to "think about what most angers and inspires you, then continue to engage and hone in on that issue. Never let anyone tell you to stay in your lane."

Another program highlights of the day included:

  • Transforming the Media Industry with Sarah Harden of Hello Sunshine, moderated by Kristen Scholer of Cheddar
  • Raising Growth Rounds featuring Isabelle Kenyon of Calibrate, Julia Cheek of Everly Health, and Shivani Siroya of Tala, moderated by Charlotte Newman of AWS
  • The Future of Influencing featuring TikTok's Robyn Delmonte, Ceremonia's Babba Rivera, and HBFit's Hannah Bronfman, moderated by Emma Hinchliffe of Fortune
  • Lessons Learned & Advice For The Next Gen of Female Founders with Audrey Gelman and Ty Haney in conversation with Reshma Saujani
  • Designing the Impossible with magician Jeanette Andrews
  • A Champions Mindset featuring Olympian Allyson Felix
  • Fundraising during a Downturn with Rebecca Kaden of USV, Jillian Williams of Cowboy Ventures, and Adrianna Samaniego of Female Founders Fund, moderated by Jennifer Kopylov of Goldman Sachs
  • Creative Hiring Solutions with Melissa Cooper, COO at G-P
  • Leading by Example featuring MSNBC's Rashida Jones in conversation with Caroline Hyde of Bloomberg
  • Centering Safety & Empowerment in the Creatorverse with Ami Gan of OnlyFans in conversation with Samantha Barry of Glamour
Female Founders Fund CEO Summit 2023
Female Founders Fund CEO Summit 2023 307
Female Founders Fund CEO Summit 2023 337

WOW! What an incredibly inspiring and energizing day. Congratulations on bringing together such a tremendous group of thought leaders, operators and change makers. Everyone I spoke with was blown away by the agenda and program you put together.

Alessandra Henderson

Alessandra Henderson

Co-founder & CEO, Elektra Health

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