Case Study

Fierce Breakfast at RSA


San Francisco

April 2023

It was a powerful morning full of FIERCEness that ... I will never forget.

Abigail Maines

Abigail Maines

Chief Revenue Officer at HiddenLayer & Co-Founder of FIERCE
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The Challenge

Ten Eleven is a leading venture capital firm specializing in cybersecurity startups and based in San Francisco, Boulder, Boston, and London. In line with their commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the industry, Ten Eleven aimed to sponsor and co-host a breakfast meetup for women in cybersecurity during the 2023 RSA Conference in San Francisco. Teaming up with Hidden Layer and AMD as co-hosts, the event formed a partnership with FIERCE, an organization dedicated to advancing the success of women in business, government, and academia.

The primary objective of this gathering was to create an empowering and supportive space for fearless femmes in cybersecurity. Rather than following a strict agenda, the event focused on fostering a sense of community and empowerment. Initially, the target was to gather 40 female identifying attendees, but the response far exceeded expectations, with over 120 registrations pouring in. Notably, a few male allies, known as FIERCE Male Allies, also expressed interest in attending.

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Ten Eleven's confidence in Happily is built on our successful prior collaborations, leading them to choose us for the strategic planning and execution of this unique event. Happily serves as Ten Eleven's trusted agency of record, consistently delivering results across projects of various sizes and formats. When an unforeseen challenge arose for the Fierce Breakfast at RSA, Ten Eleven knew that they could rely on our expertise.

Upon discovering that a tech giant had scheduled a similar women in tech breakfast event on the same day, Happily promptly adapted. We leveraged our agility to reschedule the event to the day before, ensuring its distinctiveness and deserving attention. This proactive adjustment demonstrated Happily's commitment to meeting our clients' needs and ensuring the success of their initiatives.

The Solution

happily events 1011 FIERCE

Experiential Studio

Our Experiential Team was there to oversee the onsite experience, ensuring a well-coordinated production and registration process. Their diligent efforts ensured a smooth flow throughout, allowing attendees to fully engage and participate without any disruptions.

Located in the lobby of the recently unveiled The Line SF, the Tenderheart Cafe embraced a laid-back and informal setting. The event space was thoughtfully considered by Happily to provide a comfortable atmosphere, offering a selection of refreshments for guests to enjoy. Attendees could help themselves to a mimosa bar, along with freshly pressed juices, an assortment of fruits, pastries, and a range of coffee and tea options. This simple menu effortlessly maintained a premium experience for the 120 guests, ensuring an abundance of delicious food without stretching the budget to its limits. This inviting setting fostered a sense of warmth, inspiring guests to engage in meaningful conversations and cultivate new connections.

Creative Studio

Our Happily Creative Studio designed a unique FIERCE pin exclusively for attendees, as well as branded coffee to-go cup sleeves, serving as stylish mementos that attendees could carry along with them to the RSA Conference.

Team Happily also made valuable contributions by providing light copywriting services to enhance the event's brand and presence. We wrote the tagline "We Eat Fear for Breakfast," which effectively conveyed the empowering atmosphere of the gathering. This phrase left a lasting impression on attendees, encapsulating the spirit of fearlessness that defined the event.

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Web Studio

The collaborative effort between our Creative Studio and Web Studio resulted in a custom microsite for the event. Recognizing the networking and community-driven nature of the event, the registration form was thoughtfully designed to collect essential details such as name, title, company, and email. However, we went beyond the standard requirements by offering attendees the option to include additional information such as their phone number, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram handles, and even the opportunity to upload a profile image.

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This information was then integrated into an attendee directory on the microsite, where each registrant had a dedicated contact card showcasing the details they provided. The directory could be then be sorted alphabetically and filtered by titles and companies. This enabled attendees to easily connect and access each other's information, facilitating meaningful and ongoing connections.

Fierce Breakfast Happily Attendee Directory

The Results

The collaborative efforts of Ten Eleven, Hidden Layer, and AMD resulted in an exceptional event for women in cybersecurity during the 2023 RSA Conference. With the support of Happily the event garnered an overwhelming response, surpassing the initial target with over 120 registrations. This remarkable turnout not only highlighted the significant interest, but also underscored the evident demand for such empowering initiatives for women in tech.

By strategically adjusting the date, the Fierce Breakfast took the lead, positioning itself as the most sought-after female-focused breakfast at RSA. This forward-thinking decision propelled the event ahead of the curve, ensuring its status as the standout gathering.