Case Study

Kapor Center's Latinx in Tech Summit


Oakland, CA

November 2018

It’s not easy to be the first to jump into (yet another) new conference. We really appreciate your vision and dedication to a future where we see more Latinx in the tech space.

Josh Torres

Josh Torres

Program Manager, Latinx in Tech

Key Results

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The Challenge

The Latinx in Tech (LTX) Summit was launched by the Kapor Center to build a community that works together to increase Latinx representation in the tech space. It is an engaging, two day summit that brings together the best and brightest Latino/a (Latinx) Americans working or aspiring to work in the tech industry. It is a space where they can exchange ideas, share career journeys, and meet like-minded professionals.

The Latinx in Tech Summit was to take place over two days in Oakland, CA at the Esports Arena, in Nov 2018. It was not to a traditional conference, but rather an activation of the Latinx community across the US. The summit was to feature a curated program with a range of keynote speakers, open reflections, panel discussions, workshops and fireside chats, as well as social gatherings.

 Latinx in Tech Summit 2018

All of our work at the Kapor Center is focused on increasing more representation of the black and brown community in tech. We want to make sure that our community is represented, that we have a voice.

Lili Gangas

Lili Gangas

Chief Technology Community Officer, The Kapor Center

The Solution

 Latinx in Tech Summit 2018 Layout Plan

The Kapor Center engaged our Happily Experiential and Strategy Teams to assist with the 2018 Latinx in Tech Summit.

Our Experiential Team led the layout design of the event, crafting the original open venue space into the necessary zones and gathering areas of the summit. The event space had to be multipurpose and practical to meet all the various agenda items, summit activities and sponsor activations, as well as create spaces that felt social and modern for vital community building. The layout was able to transform into a more lounge-like space for a dinner and Dia De Los Muertos Blacklight Party in the evening, and be adapted back into an appropriate area for workshops, panels ect.

Our Strategy Team assisted The Kapor Center / Latinx in Tech team in curating the selection of keynote speakers, as well as advised them on how to build the agenda for the summit across the two days. Happily connected a number of guest speakers to the Latinx in Tech team who were included in the final lineup, including the MC of the event. A Happily Sponsorship Manager oversaw the professional execution of the summit sponsorships, including tracking, initiating and closing of the various 15 sponsors.

 Latinx in Tech Summit 2018

The Results

The LTX 2018 Summit was a vibrant exploration of opportunities, advocacy, mindfulness, connectivity and identity for the Latinx community working within the tech industry. There were over 40 extraordinary speakers who shared their wisdom and experiences through storytelling and data.

Here some of the highlights and results:

  • 306 attendees from the Latinx community
  • 30% of attendees were from out of town (outside the Oakland area)
  • 30% of attendees identified as being in the early stages of the career
  • 50% of attendees identified as being mid-career
  • 20% of attendees were from Executive and Foundering roles
  • Dia De Los Muertos Blacklight Party presented by Pandora
  • Cafecito cafe area sponsored by Comcast
  • The Headspace lounge area
 Latinx in Tech Summit 2018

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