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Phenomenal's Book Club Launch


November 2021

The Happily team was extremely courteous and easy to work with, created a beautiful and thought-out microsite for our event, and handled all technical/production aspects of our event with ease.

Katie Esters

Katie Esters

Phenomenal Media

Key Results

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The Challenge Book Club Author Conversation

Phenomenal is a values-driven, 360-degree media company that centers women and historically excluded communities. In 2021 they launched the Phenomenal Book Club with a mission to celebrate underrepresented authors - especially women of color - as well as to build community around literary works.

To introduce the newly formed Book Club, they hosted a special virtual inaugural event; Phenomenal Book Club Author Conversation: The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story and Born on the Water. In conversation was Founder and CEO of Phenomenal, Meena Harris, with Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, as well as the illustrator of Born on the Water, Nikkolas Smith.

Phenomenal partnered with Happily for a full-service production of the one-hour live broadcast, with the activation of the Happily Broadcast, Web and Creative Teams.

The Solution 1619

A Happily Executive Producer co-created the experience directly with the Phenomenal Team. Together they oversaw all the components of the virtual event; from creative vision, to the custom event microsite and the program structure of the broadcast itself.

On the day of the event, the Happily Broadcast Team were backstage, ensuring that every detail went according to the program schedule. A Producer / Showcaller created a detailed run of show for the broadcast, so every moment of the event was accounted for, and during the broadcast called cues to ensure all speakers and staff were aligned. A Streaming Engineer managed all the technical aspects of the broadcast to secure a smooth and professional result. A Clock (or Timekeeper) displayed a rundown timer for speakers, as well as an overall timer for the length of show to keep everyone on time.

From the Happily Web Team, a Web Developer created a custom and fully branded microsite for the live broadcast, as well as to continue to serve as an on-demand platform for playback of the event. The microsite is a secure and dynamic site, with registration upon entry to capture user information.

The Happily Creative Team included a Creative Director, who collaborated directly with the Phenomenal Team to craft the overall look and feel of the broadcast and microsite design elements. For example, banners, lower thirds, motion graphics, colors ect. In addition, a Happily Composer created original music for the event to ensure that the right mood was set, and a Video Editor edited a sizzle reel to summarize the event.

The Results Book Club Author Conversation

Phenomenal Book Club’s Inaugural Author Conversation was truly a thought-provoking and moving event. The conversation between the host, Meena Harris and guests Nikole Hannah-Jones and Nikkolas Smith, was engaging as they discussed each book in depth.

This was also a 100% carbon neutral production! Approximately 179,992kg CO2 were reduced by going virtual, with only about 80kg CO2 emitted. To offset this, we planted 10 trees in our Happily Forest.

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