Case Study

Sales Enablement Society Case Study

When we learned that we had to go virtual, we knew that a run of the mill platform wasn’t going to be our solution.

Juliana Stancampiano

Juliana Stancampiano

CEO, Oxygen Learning

Key Results

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The Challenge

An annual summit derailed by the challenges of 2020

The Sales Enablement Society is a nonprofit organization that produces an annual learning summit for its pioneers, early adopters, innovators, and new professionals breaking into the industry. An extroverted group in a young field, this event is just as much about horizontal sharing as it is about learning best practices from industry leaders.

Hold up, what is sales enablement? Sales Enablement is a function within an organization that services sellers through many different avenues (think onboarding, sales plays, technology to find customer facing documents, etc) in order to drive sales and seller growth.

As it became clear that their summit, Forward Momentum for a New Decade, needed to go virtual, SES board members hadn't yet attended a virtual event or Zoom experience that captured the energy and camaraderie of their experience. New event tech platforms were crashing or frustrating, their association management company was struggling with a steep learning curve from live to virtual, and their website wasn't ready for 2020.

Happily was able to come in and give our audience a modern and custom solution so that we could engage with them in the closest way possible to being in person. And a way in which our audience has come to expect. It was a successful virtual event made possible by the team at Happily!

Juliana Stancampiano

Juliana Stancampiano

CEO, Oxygen Learning

The Solution

A complete website rehaul and a support network of Happily specialists

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Happily quickly modernized the SES brand with an event microsite built from the ground up. We also integrated the API so that they could move their community forum boards into a new white-labeled space with updated functionality and moderation tools.

To help the SES board imagine what their own event could be like in a virtual medium, Happily attended weekly meetings with the board's planning committee to provide feedback on marketing strategies, experiential design possibilities, and programming ideas that would build engagement. When SES was less than a month out and still looking for a closing keynote speaker at the last minute, Happily came to the rescue by tapping Jennifer Aaker, right at the launch of her new national bestselling book called Humor, Seriously: Why Humor is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life.

The four-day event featured opening and closing broadcasts each day, with six simultaneous interactive breakout experiences happening several times in between. In addition to our broadcast team, Happily provided a dedicated breakout manager to work with speakers and sponsors on the programs, advising on the flow and overseeing a custom technical setup for each session.

The Results

There is much to celebrate

Sales enablement professionals from around the world and notable brands such as Verizon, Amazon, Uber, Google all participated in the experience. We successfully launched experience "pods" with both curated content tracks and unconference areas, and had a lot of success with a new idea to bring audience members up onto the mainstage for a live session of sharing lessons learned.

Here are noteworthy results:

  • 425 trees planted to make this a carbon net zero event
  • 8 mainstage broadcasts and 56 breakouts produced
  • Fully custom branded microsite to professionalize the experience
  • Broadcast over 40+ hours of original content
  • Engaged audience for an average of 5 hours per attendee
  • Cleared sponsorship fundraising goals with 12 sponsors

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