Case Study

​​Ten Eleven's Cocktail Reception

Happily Hour

London, England

November 2021

I left the party at Excel as I heard the Ten Eleven reception was the place to be.

William H.

William H.

Madera at Treehouse Hotel, London

The Challenge

Happily events TenEleven cocktail Reception

Ten Eleven is an international specialized venture capital firm exclusively dedicated to helping cybersecurity companies thrive. They partnered with Happily to host an exclusive onsite cocktail event to accompany Ten Eleven’s presence at the eminent Black Hat Europe summit in London, England, in November, 2021.

Team Happily was to provide full-service management of the reception experience under the direction of the Ten Eleven team. This was to include design services, vendor selection, contract negotiation, installation supervision, and program management. Our sustainability values here at Happily to reduce waste, represent diverse voices, and reinvest in local economies, were also to drive the decision-making to ensure a world-class production.

The Ten Eleven cocktail reception for Black Hat Europe was to be a trendy and memorable experience to standout from any other networking events hosted that evening by other company’s participating in the summit. The Ten Eleven cocktail reception was to be presented in partnership with organzations Cado and Noetic, as well.

Great people with great taste. Really proactive too, helping me think of things I haven't thought of yet. Problem solvers.

Megan Dubofsky

Megan Dubofsky

Operating Partner & CMO, Ten Eleven Ventures

The Solution

Ten Eleven Cocktail Reception Microsite

From Happily’s Experiential Team this event included an Executive Producer, a Producer, a Web Developer, and an onsite Guest Assistant.

After several possible venue locations were suggested by Team Happily, ‘Madera at The Treehouse’ was selected for a 3 hour exclusive reception of premium drinks and canapés. With a convient location, the venue was the ideal blend of stylish and casual that the Ten Eleven team was seeking, and had an impressive and open view of the London skyline. Designer name tags were to be waiting upon arrival for all those that registered prior to the event, and branded swag was to be dotted around the room for continuing brand awareness.

A custom microsite was built by a Happily Web Developer to serve as an invitation and registration page for the event. Other confirmation functions included were the ability to ‘add to calendar’ after registration, a RSVP confirmation email, real-time data dump into Google sheet, as well as a reminder email sent 30 mins prior to the event.

Wow! Beautiful place to drink and network in London.

Todd Weber

Todd Weber

Operating Partner & CTO, Ten Eleven Ventures

The Results

Ten Eleven’s reception was the place to be that evening in London, with the majority of guests staying well over 3 hours!

The vibe at the ‘Madera at The Treehouse’ venue felt trendy yet informal, allowing guests to immediately feel at ease and ready to socialize. The size of the venue was also the right balance compared to the number of guests, making the room feel bustling and lively, yet never overcrowded nor uncomfortable.

The expansive and exposed view of the London skyline was the ideal reprieve for guests who had been inside all day at the summit, and the central London location was convenient and energetic.

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