Case Study

TikTok's Make Black History Summit


Los Angeles

February 2020

It's always important to us to recognize, uplift and invest in those on our platform who are driving culture and creativity.

Kudzi Chikumbu

Kudzi Chikumbu

Director of Creator Community, TikTok US

Key Results

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The Challenge

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In honor of Black History Month, TikTok held their first-ever Black Creator Summit in Los Angeles, at the Line Hotel in February 2020.

During the Make Black History Summit, over 100 Black TikTok content creators from all over the US gathered for a weekend of community building, inspiration, learning, and fun. The event featured performances, discussions with celebrities and industry executives on the importance of cultural content creation, and working sessions focused on career development, personal branding, and more.

The event was produced by BMF, who tapped Happily to build out a customized, VIP travel and registration management system for the 100+ attendees to use. We had 3 weeks for this project, from beginning to end - and with so many variables to manage, it was quite an exciting challenge!

The Solution

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On the first day, Team Happily sat down with BMF to organize their ideas into a sitemap for a fully customized registration microsite for all attendees to use.

Happily’s website development specialists built a registration website from scratch within a week, carefully designing it to fit within the pre-existing creative for the event and complex requirements of a highly customized registration experience. They programmed the back-end database to collect and organize each attendee’s general registration information, personal travel needs, and special details for a digital yearbook for the event.

The following week, we launched the site and our all-Black Happily travel concierge team began collecting all the data necessary to commence booking air, ground, and hotel rooms for each attendee. One unique aspect of this process was that several TikTok creators coming to the summit were under the age of 18, so our team had to provide consideration for this by carefully designing systems of safety and compliance for creators requiring guardian supervision.

In the third week, our team finalized all the travel bookings and sent custom itineraries to the 150 registered creators, with whom we communicated via both email and text messages. Being able to communicate in such a modern way was extremely helpful given the young, tech-savvy, and mobile-reliant demographic of the creators using our interface. Of course, things won't always go according to plan, however, Happily’s travel concierge team was ready to save the day on-site and around the clock.

The Results

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The event was a huge success!

Held over 3 days, the summit celebrated TikTok’s most creative and effective Black creators, and offered them opportunities to meet not just each other, but also included educational break-out sessions with inspiring leaders.

The creators enjoyed surprise appearances by Tyra Banks, Doja Cat, Terry Crews, Nick Cannon, Tracee Ellis Ross, and more. Sponsors of the event included Beats by Dre, Fenty Beauty, Puma, and Lyft, who contributed to a 'swag box' for each invitee. In the end, it’s the friendships and the empowerment of Black Excellence on TikTok that made this event truly special.

We are beyond proud to have been part of this event and to have been able to offer this amazing service to BMF. We brought together the best of human talent and smart software solutions to deliver a custom website and full-service concierge experience.

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