Case Study

True North


Santa Monica

October 2023

It was exactly what I had envisioned for years.

David Belasco

David Belasco

Founder, North Education
Happily Events Cindy Crawford

The Challenge

North Education serves as a dedicated platform focused on refining mental and emotional skills essential for discovering purpose, fostering positive habits, and nurturing self-confidence. Originating as the largest elective course at the USC Marshall School of Business, North reshapes perspectives by providing frameworks and practical techniques to cultivate a healthy, high-performing mindset around meaningful identity, resilience building, habit formation, and redefining success and failure.

Happily True North 2023 1

The opening moments at The Eli & Edythe BroadStage in Santa Monica

Expanding beyond the classroom, North Education envisioned True North — a hybrid summit experience aiming to share its mindset framework with the public. True North focused on curating a lineup of mindset experts and educators, featuring keynote speakers such as icon Cindy Crawford, NFL Coach Pete Carroll, business mogul Gary Vaynerchuk, SoulCycle Co-founder Julie Rice, and brain performance expert Jim Kwik.

In a strategic partnership, North collaborated with Happily to launch the inaugural True North in Santa Monica. Activating our Strategy, Experiential, Broadcast, and Creative Studios, Happily had a 3-month runway to provide strategic guidance, operational logistics, and performance marketing. The shared challenge for Happily and North was to launch a summit experience to a developing community and market it to an audience that was still taking shape.

The Solution

Happily True North 2023 10

Happily Strategy Studio

The Happily Strategy Studio worked with North to provide strategic guidance and executive advice on the program development and ticketing structure. Our Executive Producer played a pivotal role in formulating strategies for attendee ticketing, revenue generation, digital marketing, and speaker coordination, while adeptly managing an evolving budget.

Happily Broadcast Studio

True North's global impact was achieved through collaboration with our Broadcast Studio. Happily’s showcaller, graphics designer, video editors, and talent wranglers teamed up with The Eli & Edythe BroadStage and North's preferred AV vendor. This ensured a professional presentation both onsite and online, enhancing the impact of every speaker's message.

Speakers Pete Carroll and Gary Vaynerchuk participated virtually in the summit, seamlessly integrated into the onsite and broadcast experiences through our management. This showcased Happily's mastery in blending the virtual and onsite worlds, demonstrating a sophisticated hybrid approach through tech and experiential design.

True North 4

Entrepreneur and investor, Gary Vaynerchuk with Victoria Garrick Browne

Happily Broadcast Studio True North 2023

Happily backstage in the control room

Happily Experiential Studio

The Experiential Studio, under Happily's guidance, orchestrated the logistics for event day. Catering, production assistants, and registration leads worked together to create an immersive experience for onsite attendees in Santa Monica and a global livestream audience, ensuring the comfort and engagement of both the audience and the speakers.

Happily True North 2023 7

Happily Creative Studio

The Creative Studio brought True North to life with attention to detail. From set design to graphics, each element was thoughtfully curated to align with North's mission and enhance the overall experience for the audience and speakers. This included assets for event day, such as title slides and sponsorship slides, as well as digital marketing and social media materials — speaker cards, marketing videos, and more.

Creative Studio True North creative assets

Sample of static digital marketing assets from the Happily Creative Studio

The Results

True North Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford at True North 2023

True North provided an enlightening experience for all participants, fostering unity within an emerging community and signaling the beginning of a new chapter for the brand. The collaboration between True North and Happily represents a significant milestone in the growth of North Education.

The outstanding lineup of keynote speakers, featuring icons like Cindy Crawford, Pete Carroll, Gary Vaynerchuk, Julie Rice, and Jim Kwik, resonated deeply with the audience. Cindy Crawford on navigating the business landscape with style, Carroll shared leadership wisdom, Vaynerchuk inspired with entrepreneurial triumphs, Rice unfolded her transformative journey, and Kwik provided insights into cognitive potential.

Happily's multifaceted approach revitalized the brand, covering performance marketing, content creation, operational logistics, broadcasting and more. Attendees, both onsite and online, immersed themselves in the True North experience, enriched by the insights shared by the programing. The inaugural edition pushed the brand to new heights and set a standard for future North events.

Happily True North 2023 3

Dr. Marissa Knox, from The University of Texas at Austin and Purdue University, speaking about fierce self-compassion

Happily True North 2023 4

Brain Coach Jim Kwik on limitless mindset

Happily True North 2023 5

Motivational Coach Angela Manuel-Davis with SoulCycle Co-Founder Julie Rice

Happily True North 2023 6

Dr. Benjamin Houltberg, Psychologist and Performance Scientist, on identity, purpose and performance

True North 3

President of Film and TV at Hello Sunshine, Lauren Neustadter, on storytelling and narrative

Happily True North 2023 9

Jake Olson speaking with Pete Carroll, NFL Head Coach for the Seattle Seahawks

Happily True North 2023 2 lower
Happily True North 2023 11

Cindy Crawford with North Founder, David Belasco

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