Case Study

USC Marshall Commencement


Los Angeles

May 2023

This is my 21st year of attending commencement and this, by far, was the smoothest, fastest, and most efficient production I have seen. Everybody is talking about Happily, and I am proud to have been on the ground floor.

David Belasco

David Belasco

Past Executive Director of the USC Greif School

Key Results

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The Challenge

USC Marshall Commencement 2023

The USC Marshall School of Business held their 2023 Commencement Ceremonies at the prestigious Galen Center in Los Angeles. The day was divided into an Undergraduate ceremony in the morning and a Graduate ceremony in the afternoon, with 2,265 students graduating from each program. With a staggering total of 16,000 individuals set to pass through the venue, the operational scale and logistical undertaking were monumental.

From the outset, the USC Marshall team prioritized clear communication and meticulous planning to ensure a safe and seamless experience for everyone. Achieving a smooth return of over 80% of students to their seats after crossing the stage and ensuring zero security failures were also priorities for the USC Marshall team. To guarantee flawless execution, the USC Marshall School of Business partnered with Happily, leveraging our Experiential, Creative, and Broadcast Studios. Happily's support aimed to deliver exceptional experiences for graduates, families, and attendees, lightening the responsibility and load from the USC Marshall team.

The Solution

USC Marshall Commencement 2023 2

The Happily Experiential Studio played a pivotal role in meticulously managing the operational aspects of the ceremonies, guaranteeing a seamless and memorable execution. In partnership with Marshall for scheduling, communication, and budgeting, our dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure efficient coordination throughout the entire project. This encompassed creating a streamlined experience for attendees and expertly handling the intricate operational tasks on the event day. From meticulously managing security protocols to orchestrating the precise stage movements of all speakers and processing, our team facilitated the smooth procession of 1,000 students per ceremony as they were announced and crossed the stage. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensured that every aspect of the ceremonies was flawlessly executed, leaving a lasting impression on all participants.

The Happily Broadcast Studio took charge of the intricate filming and technical operations of the ceremonies, expertly capturing and streaming the proceedings to multiple platforms. With precision and expertise, our team ensured a seamless visual experience by managing broadcast graphics, title slides, and lower thirds announcing each graduate. Team Happily expertly handled camera operations, teleprompters, and all audiovisual aspects, guaranteeing a high-quality experience for both the live audience in the stadium, and the virtual viewers watching the livestream online. From ensuring high broadcast standards to coordinating audiovisual elements, our Broadcast Studio played a key role in delivering high-quality production values and engaging visuals throughout the ceremonies.

USC Commencement 2023 Creative Studio

Happily Creative Studio Overview for USC Marshall Commencement 2023

The Happily Creative Studio curated the design and creative aspects of the production. With meticulous attention to detail, our team developed a distinct event identity for the commencement ceremonies, crafting compelling visual assets that effectively communicated important information to graduates and attendees. From captivating social media visuals before the event to eye-catching visuals displayed on the jumbo screen during the ceremonies, we ensured a cohesive and visually appealing experience. Team Happily worked closely with the USC Marshall to team align the event's design elements with the overall look and feel, resulting in a seamless integration of branding throughout the entire production. Additionally, our Happily Voiceover Actor lent their expertise to record pre-written scripts, providing professional and captivating voice recordings that enhanced the audiovisual impact of the event. Their contribution added a polished and engaging audio element, further elevating the overall experience for all participants.

The Results

USC Marshall Commencement 2023 3

USC Marshall’s 2023 Commencement Ceremonies were a resounding success. The seamless execution of these ceremonies was made possible through the combined expertise and dedication of Happily's Experiential, Creative, and Broadcast Studios.

From managing the operational elements to creating visually captivating designs and delivering high-quality audiovisual experiences, Happily ensured the ceremonies were flawless, safe and memorable. The successful execution of the ceremonies not only celebrated the achievements of the graduating students, but also left a lasting impact on the entire USC Marshall community.

Happily events USC Commencement 2023

Team Happily with the USC Marshall team onsite.

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