Case Study

YSC Summit 2021 Case Study

There was a lot of good information. Wish they could go on for longer.

Denise Kline

Denise Kline

Summit Attendee

Key Results

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The Challenge


The Young Survival Coalition (YSC) is an international organization focused on women under 40 years old who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Founded in 1998 by three young women with breast cancer, YSC is a 501 non-profit based in New York City, and with an additional base in Atlanta, Georgia.

Their mission is to strengthen a sense of community, address the unique needs, amplify the voice and improve the quality of life of young adults affected by breast cancer; locally, nationally and internationally.

The Young Survival Coalition’s Summit is an annual three-day national conference and is a flagship event for their community. With inspirational speakers, Q&A’s, niche workshops, and special wellness activities, it is the largest gathering of breast cancer survivors under the age of 40. The event also includes an Exhibitor Hall where attendees can find the most up-to-date, evidence-based information and tools from reputable providers. At the core of the YSC Summit is the social atmosphere, with attendees coming together as a community to support, connect and celebrate each other from across the country.

As this was the first time that their annual three-day national conference was to go online, YSC looked to Happily to adapt and build their event so that the ‘2021 YSC Summit: Digitally Yours’ could thrive in the virtual space.

YSC has been a life-changer for my husband and I.

Miranda MacKay

Miranda MacKay

Summit Attendee

The Solution

YSC Custom Site Design Mock Up

Happily got to work crafting this summit from the ground up, with devoted Leadership, Web, Broadcast and Breakout teams of specialists (There were 27 Happily specialists in total!).

The Leadership was composed of two Executive Producers, an Associate Producer, a Technical Director and a Creative Director. The summit needed to be filled with meaningful content, socialising, sponsor exhibits, workshops, information, and a whole lot of joy. The Leadership team strategized in their respective areas to create an experience with the YSC team and ensure that all the needs of their community would be met. We oversaw all project components, from creative vision and pre-recorded videos, the complete run of show, as well as the custom microsite built to serve as the virtual venue. The Happily and YSC teams had weekly meetings in the lead up to the event to ensure that deadlines were being achieved, and that both camps were in sync.

The Web team was made up of a Lead Developer, a UX/UI Design and Wordpress Assistant. They brought to life a fully branded, custom-built microsite with a tailored web design and an overhauled site map that felt elevated, user friendly and met all the functional needs of the summit. Attendees could move from the mainstage, to a breakout session, from a hangout room to the Exhibit area. Some added features of the microsite and event included a HioSocial Chat widget, a plug-in technology that gave attendees multiple ways to chat with each other. For example through categorized Open Chat Channels (eg LGBTQ+, Newly Diagnosed, Spanish Speakers, ect.) or through direct messaging. Also included on the site was a Concierge Chat service which anyone experiencing technology difficulties or had a tech-related question could use throughout the summit. Original music was also composed by a Happily specialist to give the summit its own unique theme track and ensure that the right mood was created.

The Results


The ‘2021 YSC Summit: Digitally Yours’ was a wonderful weekend experience for all involved. Attendees loved the 14 breakout sessions and could not get enough of them. The ‘Body Image’ Session was very popular with 110 attendees, and the 2 sessions in Spanish had the longest average duration of 55 minutes. Amongst all the deep and meaningful discussions, sprinkled throughout there was also plenty of lighthearted content.

So much fun was had in these moments:

  • Live feed of labrador puppies for attendees drop into for a very heartwarming break
  • Guided morning meditation to start the day with from mindfulness
  • Special game of ‘Never Have I Ever: Breast Cancer Edition’ that made many attendees smile and laugh along
  • There was a belly dancing class
  • Salsa / hustle / wobble dance party
  • Gentle yoga stretching break
  • A hilarious comedy night with an all-female line-up of 7 comedians

Some general highlights and metrics from the summit:

  • There were a total 8 hours of live broadcasting
  • A total of 14 breakouts sessions over 2 days (with 2 sessions in Spanish for Spanish-speakers and managed by Spanish-speaking Happily specialists)
  • Over 1000 people attended, mostly from across the United States, with some tuning in from Canada, Philippines, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Taiwan and Ireland
  • 949 people in total attended the breakout sessions
  • 390 people in total attend the hangouts
  • Over 20k minutes spent in breakout sessions and a total of 11 hours spent socializing
  • There was an average participant size of 58 in breakout sessions
  • A total of 58 exhibitors were involved with 12 sponsors, 11 upgraded exhibits and 35 exhibitor videos submitted

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