Getting Started

How does this work?

Your first place to start will be read through our Welcome Guide.

How do I become a higher level of planner?

If you and your regional mentor believe that you are qualified to level up, then contact to apply for the next level and get certified.

How do I book a client? We will send an email with available opportunities to all the planners within your area. The opportunities are forst come, first served so respond quickly! Please make sure you are available for the data before responding.

Day of Coordination

What is the required attire when working an event?

All Happily staff must wear ALL black unless the client has expressed an alternative in writing. Please keep all clothing professional, clean and without tears and wrinkles. You may wear a small heel, but nothing over 2". Keep in mind that coordinating is a highly physical activity - sometimes we'll literally RUM, CLIMB, and JUMP to make the magic happen. We require you to wear sneakers or flats during setup and teardown. For more details, check out our Happily Dress Code Guide.

Post Event

How much am I getting paid?

Sometimes there are exceptions - and you’ll be notified of those - but our standard rates are:

Assistant - $150/onsite day at a 10 hour day

Coordinator - $300/onsite day at a 10 hour day, $500/package (3 meetings + onsite)

Producer - $450/onsite day at a 10 hour day, $1000/prep week at a 20 hour week

When do I get paid?

Within 14 days of receiving an invoice from you and upon completing the post-event report. Please email that invoice as a PDF to to reduce any delays.