Happily is committed to the future of our people and planet

We join together on a shared mission to bring the best of humanity to virtual and live experiences for organizations that want to make a memorable impact with their campaigns.

Happily embraces and uplifts each other, no matter where we’re from, who or what we love, or how we express ourselves.

We care about the future of our planet and use technology to create unique, fun, carbon zero events. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do; we provide sustainable growth opportunities for our specialists, and strive to save your organization its precious time and resources.

Reduce waste

With the planet’s climate emergency, we strive to create a carbon-zero future. Thus, Team Happily’s virtual events are all carbon-neutral.

By going virtual, live events already save up to 97% of carbon emissions. To offset any remaining emissions, we’ve adopted a reforestation program that replants trees based on your event’s carbon footprint.

Did you know that a virtual event, on average, reduces 97% of carbon emissions from a live event? That's because we aren't flying or transporting goods, which typically accounts for more than 90% of an event’s carbon emissions. After each event, we calculate the carbon emitted from the desktops of talent, tech, team, and guests. Then we take a percentage of our profits to plant trees in the Happily Forest, which is located in Tanzania and stewarded by our reforestation partner, ForestNation.

Represent diverse voices

Diversity is the source of our ability to produce innovative events that show off the best of humanity.

From who we hire and who we work with, to the content that we produce and the ideas we bring to the table, we’re always thinking about making our world as accessible and equitable as possible.

Supporting and respecting marginalized people is in our DNA. Whenever we assemble a team for a project, we are committed to our goal of hiring at least 50% representation of women, 30% of black, indigenous, and people of color, and 10% of people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming and queer communities. The same applies for on-screen talent when our curators are hired for a production.

Reinvest in local and forgotten communities

We don't wait for opportunities to come to us, we create opportunities for everyone on our team to receive free and ongoing training with the skills that equip them to be the best in our industry.

The Happily Shadow Program gives aspiring virtual event professionals the opportunity to go behind the scenes with us and shadow our specialists working in a variety of roles. By completing levels of the program, shadows gain experience points that help them qualify to be hired for paying work on future Happily virtual event teams.

Our team

Within Team Happily, we love to embrace diversity and authenticity, stay ahead of the zeitgeist, and be proponents of anything fun, silly or innovative.

Our network of 50,000 freelancers come from all types of backgrounds, skill sets, time zones, identities, beliefs and cultures - there’s a place for everyone at our virtual table. We love distributed and decentralized systems; we work remote, from home or wherever the job is.

- We’re femme-forward, with 90% of our team identifying as female

- We communicate across 29 different languages; including code!

- 90% of the team makes a social impact by volunteering for a nonprofit

- Every Happily event is produced by 30% BIPOC and 10% LGBTQ+