Building Virtual Worlds on Unreal Engine with Ryan Trupp

Ryan Trupp joins us to chat about using the gaming tech of Unreal Engine to craft virtual sets for virtual and hybrid events.

We also break down virtual environments from Facebook’s (or now Meta’s…) latest Connect 2021, Happily’s production of ST’s Development Conference 2021, and our own TEDxHappily COUNTDOWN Vol. 2.

For the full discussion listen to Ryan on Happily Live with Sarah Shewey, CEO and Founder of Happily

Ryan designs one-of-a-kind user experiences, in both physical and virtual space.

He is a conceptual space designer with a scenic design background in television, theater, and large-scale event design, with a UX/UI Design background thrown in for good measure.

Ryan was the Art Director for our TEDxHappily COUNTDOWN Vol. 2, and in Unreal Engine, he built the dynamic and rich virtual environments in which Happily Founder and CEO, Sarah Shewey appears. Watch the full playback of the event on-demand at

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