How to be a Producer & Show Caller for Happily Virtual Events

We've got 5 things you need to know about being a producer and show caller, featuring one of our own Happily specialists.

Here is a quick breakdown:

Event Role: Producer / Show caller

Team Happily Responsibility: Create run of show for the broadcast, manage the broadcast team, as well as schedule and lead team meetings. Plus call the cues during the tech rehearsals and live broadcast.

Happily Studio: Production

Happily Team: Broadcast

Discover the basics as well as some pro tips about being a producer and show caller from Logan, a Happily specialist

1. What is the difference between a producer and a show caller?

The role is the same, but the ‘producer’ part refers more specifically to the organization and leadership in the pre-production stage of an event. The ‘show caller’ part is more specific to the ‘day of’ direction and management during the broadcast.

2. Being a strong communicator is a must-have skill

This is a senior position and will take on a huge leadership role. The producer is the main connection between the client and the Happily team, communicating the needs and desires of the client with the various event specialists requires clear and open conversation and delivery. Plus, of course, those strong communication skills need to ensure that the client and the Happily team have all the information, direction and support that they need.

3. Pro tip: Always have a Plan B (and a Plan C)

The reality of any event is that even with the most organized run of show there is always something that could veer off track, and always something unexpected that could pop up. You must prepare for the unpredictable. Having something pre-planned up your sleeve in an ‘emergency’, such as a video or crossing back to a presenter, will mean make or break in the heat of the moment. (Bonus tip: share this Plan B with the team!)

4. Pro tip: Reply to emails and correspondence ASAP

The pre-production of a virtual event means a lot of emails and a lot of chats on slack. The producer is responsible for keeping the whole project moving forward, so answer those questions from the client and reply to those doubts from a team member promptly.

5. Pro tip: Listen to the client

Essentially the producer’s primary responsibility is to create the virtual event that the client is asking for, that meets their requirements and reflects their brand. So actively listening to the client is vital in producing an event that meets and exceeds their expectations.

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