How to be a Producer & Show Caller for Happily Virtual Events

Discover the basics as well as some pro tips about being a producer and show caller from Logan, a Happily Specialist

Event Role: Producer / Show caller

Team Happily Responsibility: Create run of show for the broadcast, manage the broadcast team, as well as schedule and lead team meetings. Plus call the cues during the tech rehearsals and live broadcast.

Happily Studio: Broadcast

Differentiating between a producer and a show caller

Although the roles may seem similar, a "producer" primarily focuses on organizing and leading the pre-production phase of an event, while a "show caller" specializes in providing direction and managing the event's live broadcast on the day of the event.

Essential Skill: Strong Communication:

As a senior position, the producer assumes a significant leadership role. Acting as the main point of contact between the client and the Happily team, clear and open communication is vital for effectively conveying the client's needs and desires to the event specialists. Additionally, these strong communication skills ensure that both the client and the Happily team have all the necessary information, guidance, and support.

Pro Tip: Always have backup plans

In the unpredictable world of event management, even the most meticulously planned run of show can encounter unforeseen deviations. It is crucial to prepare for such circumstances by having contingency plans (Plan B and even Plan C) readily available. This could include pre-planned alternatives like displaying a video or transitioning back to a presenter during emergencies. Sharing these backup plans with the entire team enhances their preparedness.

Pro Tip: Timely response to emails and correspondence

Given the extensive communication involved in the pre-production of a virtual event, the producer shoulders the responsibility of keeping the project on track. It is essential to promptly answer client inquiries and address any concerns raised by team members, ensuring the smooth progression of the event planning process.

Pro Tip: Actively listen to the client

Fundamentally, the producer's primary objective is to bring the client's virtual event vision to life, meeting their specific requirements and reflecting their unique brand. Actively listening to the client's input and feedback becomes paramount in producing an event that not only meets but surpasses their expectations.

How to become a producer and show caller with Happily

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