10 Indigenous Artists To Follow On Instagram

In celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day, we have put together a list of some amazing Native American creators on Instagram.

Indigenous Peoples' Day is a national holiday in the US on the 10th of October that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures.

For us at Happily, representation is a huge part of our recruitment processes, values as a company and advocacy priorities. Our CEO and 90% of our team identify as female, and every Happily event is produced by 30% BIPOC and 10% LGBTQ+.

Illustrators, artists and graphic designers are just some of our expertises at Happily - and some of our passions. Our own Happily Creative Team is here to elevate any experience or content with full service and multi-dimensional creative services.

10 Indigenous Artists To Follow On Instagram

1. Maika'i Tubbs

Native Hawaiian

Artist from Honolulu, Hawai‘i, currently based in Brooklyn, New York


2. Mer Plucks Flowers Young

Descendant of Chichimeca and Apache Tribe (Ndé)

Analog & Digital Collage Creative


3. Ciara


Artist raised Guam, currently based Bellingham


4. Jeffrey Gibson


Painter & Sculptor


5. Weshoyot Alvitre


Comic Book Artist, Illustrator, Author & Art Director


6. Crystal Worl

Tlingit / Athabascan

Storyteller, Dancer & Artist from Alaska


7. Marcus Trujillo


Graphic Designer & Illustrator


8. Moe Butterfly




9. Mari in the Sky

Chichimeca/Wixá on Dena'ina land



10. Britt Newton


Digital Artist from Colorado