10 Venues to Host a One-Day Summit in LA

Producing an onsite event means curating a certain vibe, and the physical space is an important element to that.

Happily is a full-service custom experience producer. We know that every event is unique and will require a venue that checks all the right boxes. We will find the right space to host and/or broadcast your Happily event - no matter what city it may be in.

When thinking of a space to host a summit experience, the amount of expected attendees is a major starting point. Summits can be intimate and driven by networking opportunities. They can be with large crowds and focused on star-studded keynote speakers. Every summit has a different goal.

In Los Angeles the list of spaces to host a summit is endless. We are sharing just a glimpse into the range of venues to produce a Happily approved event.

The following venues are ordered by capacity from cozy to swarming, and they represent a range of styles from quirky to corporate. In general for a summit the space should be a place where people feel comfortable and welcomed. It should be a dynamic space, with the ability to curate different zones - eg. a main stage for the principle content, a social area for networking, a green room for speakers.

Want to see more venues in Los Angeles? Check out our list of theaters, auditoriums and amphitheaters to host an event.

happily events Venues to Host a Summit in LA

1. Annenberg Community Beach House

Neighborhood: Palisades Park, Santa Monica

Setting: Event Space

Capacity Seated: 100 max.

Capacity Theatre: 132 max.

Vibe: Beach, Coastal


The Annenberg Community Beach House is a multipurpose beachfront space, with stunning coastal views located along Palisades Park in Santa Monica. There are three event zones; The Event House, Marion Davies Guest House, and the Pool House.

happily events Anneberg Beach House

2. The East Angel

Neighborhood: Downtown

Setting: Event Space

Capacity Seated: 200 max.

Capacity Standing: 350 max.

Vibe: Rustic, Industrial, Urban


The East Angel is an intimate open space, located in the Arts District of Downtown LA. The building hosts three main event spaces to customize, a cozy courtyard, a behind-the-scenes storage area, as well as two office spaces and a conference room. In total, The East Angel is 10,500 sq. ft.

happily events The East Angel

3. The Fig House

Neighborhood: Highland Park

Setting: Event Space

Capacity Seated: 250 max.

Capacity Standing: 450 max.

Vibe: Modern Glamor, Vibrant, Mid-Century


The Fig House is a stylish and intimate space located between Downtown LA and Pasadena, in the heart of Highland Park. It is a modern mid-century design with vibrant splashes of art deco, lush landscaping, and bold old school glamor. The main interior space opens up into an urban, manicured courtyard, and the atmosphere of the whole event space is warm, welcoming and energetic.

happily events The Fig House

4. Playa Studios

Neighborhood: Culver City

Setting: Event Space

Capacity Seated: 350 max.

Capacity Standing: 500 max.

Vibe: Modern, Industrial, Eclectic


Playa Studios is a trendy, lush private space nestled in Culver City on the Westside of Los Angeles. It is a mixture of modern, industrial, and eclectic design, and adds vibrancy to its former warehouse roots. As an events space, Playa Studios has a Lounge Area (3,000 sq. ft.), a Main Event Space (5,000 sq. ft.), and a Green Room (400 sq. ft.).

happily events Playa Studios

5. Valentine

Neighborhood: Downtown

Setting: Event Space

Capacity Seated: 350 max.

Capacity Standing: 500 max.

Vibe: Retro, Industrial, Quirky


Valentine is a historic and unique building with retro greenhouse / warehouse vibes, located on Fourth Street in Downtown. Originally built in the 1920’s, the building has a colorful and diverse history as a hotel, a brothel, a fish and oyster company, and a commercial site for everything from glass blowing to marijuana cultivation. The design and atmosphere of the space leans into the rich, eclectic and unique story of the building.

Valentine is an interconnected warehouse area with a courtyard, a converted greenhouse, a dining room, and a private suite area.

Valentine is a green and eco-conscious event space. They boost efficient, state of the art electric, plumbing and mechanical systems to minimize energy use. They encourage and support sustainable events with their own network of resources and vendors to implement eco-friendly event practices.

happily events Valentine V1

6. NeueHouse Hollywood

Neighborhood: Hollywood

Setting: Event Space / Broadcast Studio

Capacity Seated: 300 max.

Capacity Theater: 400 max.

Capacity Standing: 600 max.

Vibe: Modern, Industrial, Old Hollywood Charm


NeueHouse in Hollywood is a diverse set of spaces designed intentionally for events, broadcasting and content creation. The deco pays tribute to its rich Hollywood history as the former a studio stage for Lucille Ball, Orson Welles and Jack Benny. NeueHouse has a main, open event area (Studio A), as well as a private dining room, bar area, mezzanine, library, terrace, cinema room, casual lounge area, podcast booth, and meeting rooms.

happily events NeueHouse

7. The Novo at LA Live Events

Neighborhood: South Park

Setting: Event Space

Capacity Theater: 400 max.

Capacity Standing: 1,458 max.

Vibe: Lounge Bar, Trendy, Contemporary


L.A. Live is an impressive entertainment complex in the South Park District of Downtown. It has a number of spacious venues and spaces for events, ranging for audiences of thousands to hundreds.

The Novo at LA Live Events is a 59,000 sq. ft private space with a flexible and open floor plan. It has trendy bar vibes, with a main stage, a long bar area and pockets of social booths and lounges.

happily events Novo

8. The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Neighborhood: Little Tokyo

Setting: Art Gallery / Exhibition Space

Capacity Seated: 600 max.

Capacity Standing: 1,000 max.

Vibe: Modern, Urban


The Geffen Contemporary is an exhibition space part of the LA Museum of Contemporary Art located in Little Tokyo Historic District. The building is a former police car warehouse renovated by the noted California architect Frank Gehry.

This is a modern and urban space with indoor and outdoor options. The indoor Warehouse (13,795 sq. ft.) is an industrial space with 30 foot ceilings, and outside The Aileen Getty Plaza (11,556 sq. ft.) that is adjacent to Warehouse.

happily events The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

9. Centennial Ballroom at UCLA Luskin Conference Center

Neighborhood: Westwood

Setting: Educational Institution

Capacity Theater: 960 max.

Vibe: Academic, Corporate


The Luskin Conference Center at the University of California Los Angeles is an extensive complex with a range of event and meeting spaces - including an adjoining hotel. It is a LEED Platinum-certified property with a comprehensive sustainability policy.

happily events Centennial Ballroom at UCLA Luskin Conference Center

10. The Guerin Pavilion at the Skirball Cultural Center

Neighborhood: Santa Monica Mountains

Setting: Educational Institution

Capacity Seated: 670 max.

Capacity Theater: 1,014 max.

Capacity Standing: 1,833 max.

Vibe: Corporate, Modern, Professional


The Skirball Cultural Center is an expansive 15 acre educational institution devoted to sustaining Jewish heritage and American democratic ideals. The Skirball Cultural Center campus includes a museum, a performing arts center, conference halls, classrooms, libraries, courtyards, gardens, and a café. Approximately 20 event spaces are available for hire with various functions and capacities.

The Guerin Pavilion at The Skirball Cultural Center is a 9,000 sq. ft. ballroom with impressive ceiling arches and sweeping garden views. It is an open space that is highly customizable, yet has a modern, warm and professional atmosphere. It is also fully equipped with state-of-the-art A/V technologies for all tech requirements.

happily events The Guerin Pavilion at the Skirball Cultural Center