Happily Rockstars of the Year 2022

The goal of these annual Happily Rockstars of the Year awards is to celebrate and uplift all our freelancers here at Happily.

We have an amazing community of event specialists, creators, leaders, artists, innovators, producers and so many more. There are so many rockstars that make up Team Happily and together we are able to design exceptional experiences and plan unique events for our clients.

There were 7 categories this year divided by role type and some of our studios: Junior, Mid-Level, Lead, Senior, Creative Studio, Broadcast Studio and Experiential Studio. See all the winners below.

Happily Rockstars of the Year 2022 Winners

The nominations for these categories were determined by the feedback that specialists and clients submit after each Happily production. These surveys are invaluable because they allow us to ensure that all our freelancers have had and will continue to have a rewarding experience working on a Happily project.

Within this survey we ask specialists and clients to give a ‘rockstar point’ to a fellow team member whom they worked with on the production. These ‘rockstar points’ can be given for a number of reasons; to someone who was welcoming to a newbie, someone who was patient, someone who always had a positive attitude, or someone who was just a reliable team member. We collated all those rockstar points from our productions in 2022, and then divided them into our award categories. We then asked our community to vote and crown the winner of each category. Watch the full announcement video here.

Let's hear from some of these Happily Rockstars!