How to Build Value with an Event Identity

A well-defined event identity is crucial for standing out and making a lasting impression on attendees in a competitive event landscape.

Event identities encompass the visual, experiential, and emotional elements that distinguish an event and create a cohesive visual narrative for participants. We will explore what an event identity is, the benefits it offers, and why developing it with a Creative Director is essential for success.

Happily Events_VC_Platform_2023_Google Kick Off

Example of the event identity developed by the Happily Creative Studio for VC Platform's 2023 Global Summit at the Google Pier 57 offices in NYC

What is an Event Identity?

An event identity represents the personality, values, and overall image of an event. It involves crafting a unique and recognizable visual identity, including the event name, logo, color palette, motifs, typography, motion graphics and other design elements. Beyond visuals, event brand identity encompasses the event's mission, core message, target audience, and the experience participants can expect. It serves as a foundation for all event-related communications and sets the stage for an immersive and consistent experience.

An event identity is a focused and temporary extension of a brand's general identity, centering on a single event or series of related events. While a brand's general identity encompasses the overall brand image and values across various touchpoints, an event identity tailors the brand's elements to the specific event's theme, purpose, and desired experience. When crafting the event identity for VC Platform's 2023 Global Summit, the Happily Creative Studio captured the sense of community that defines the event. Drawing inspiration from the theme of rediscovering one's network, the entire visual narrative was thoughtfully designed to evoke this concept. Inspired by the architectural elements in the venue, the featured circular motion graphic design symbolized the interconnectedness and dynamic energy that permeates the event. It was also resonant with the role of the platform in VC.

VC Platform Global Summit 2023

Event identity developed by the Happily Creative Studio for VC Platform's 2023 Global Summit

Happily Events VC Platform Global Summit 2023 Motion Graphics

Example of the motion design by the Happily Creative Studio for VC Platform's 2023 Global Summit

Benefits of Having an Event Identity

Recognition and Differentiation

An event identity helps your event stand out from the crowd and ensures instant recognition among potential attendees. A distinct visual identity, coupled with a consistent brand voice and messaging, sets your event apart, making it easier for people to identify and remember.

Left Lane's Fast Growth Summit is an eagerly awaited event, held annually in both New York and London since 2022. As the agency of record for Left Lane, the Happily Creative Studio has the opportunity to shape the event identities for each summit, consciously evolving the brand over time. This allows us to create a connection between each iteration while infusing unique elements that adapt to the specific location and evolving needs. The event identities reference one another, establishing a sense of continuity and heightening anticipation among attendees of the Fast Growth Summit series, while simultaneously setting them apart from one another.

Happily Events Creative Studio Left Lane FGS

The development of the event identify for Left Lane's Fast Growth Summit by the Happily Creative Studio

Streamlined Communication

An event identity serves as a powerful framework, ensuring consistent communication across all touchpoints. From social media posts and website design to printed materials, a unified brand identity provides clear visual cues that direct individuals to event-related content or locations. This becomes particularly crucial amidst the abundance of communications and platforms, as it ensures that information about the event stands out and will be recognized both within the primary brand identity and among other brands.

Trust and Credibility

A well-developed event identity plays a vital role in building trust and credibility among participants. When you consistently deliver on your brand promise and create a positive experience, attendees develop a strong sense of confidence in your event.

An example of this is the commencement ceremonies for USC Marshall, which Happily produced and our Creative Studio crafted digital and printed assets for. As a milestone event hosted by a respected educational institution, with thousands of graduates and a stadium filled with attendees, it is essential to have an event identity that not only reflects the attendees' trust and respect but also captures the momentous nature of the occasion.

Happily Events USC Marshall Commencement 2023

Event identity developed by the Happily Creative Studio for USC Marshall 2023 Commencement Ceremonies

Enhanced Attendee Engagement

By creating a strong event identity, you establish an emotional connection with attendees. This connection leads to increased engagement, as participants align themselves with the values and experience your event represents. A strong event identity encourages attendees to actively participate, share their experiences, and become brand ambassadors.

Long-Term Event Growth

Building a strong event identity paves the way for long-term growth and sustainability. A recognizable and respected brand opens doors to partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations, attracting both attendees and stakeholders who align with your event's values and objectives.

The Role of a Creative Director

A Creative Director plays a crucial role in shaping an event identity, blending strategic thinking and artistic vision. They develop an event identity that reflects and honors the established brand identity of an organization. By understanding the brand's essence, values, and target audience, they create a cohesive identity unique to the event while complementing the overall brand.

Vision and Expertise

A Creative Director brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience in developing impactful brand identities. They possess a deep understanding of design principles, consumer psychology, and current trends, allowing them to conceptualize and execute a visually compelling and coherent event brand identity. Their expertise ensures that the event identity aligns with the event's goals and resonates with the target audience.

Collaboration and Coordination

Creative Directors collaborate with event organizers, venues, video editors, set designers, motion designers, vendors, composers and other such specialists. They coordinate efforts across various teams to maintain consistency and synergy in all brand-related aspects, from graphics and visuals to motion design and experiential elements. Their role is to ensure that all creative elements work together seamlessly to deliver a cohesive and impactful event identity both digital and physical.

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Innovation and Creativity

A Creative Director pushes boundaries and fosters innovation, infusing the event identity with creative solutions and unique experiences. They strive to create a visual narrative that engages attendees, leaving a lasting impression. They work closely with motion designers to incorporate dynamic and captivating visuals that enhance the overall event experience, from animated logos to immersive motion transitions. Their creative approach ensures that the event identity remains fresh, relevant, and ahead of the curve.

Happily Events NMSDC Motion Design

Motion graphic design developed by the Happily Creative Studio for NMSDC's 2022 Minority Business Economic Forum

The Happily Creative Studio

Our Creative Studio is a powerhouse of creative talent dedicated to crafting exceptional event brand identities. With a team of skilled designers, strategists, and visionaries, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Our deep understanding of design principles, consumer psychology, and current trends allows us to create visually stunning and impactful event identities that capture the essence of your brand and resonate with your target audience.

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