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Below all the creative, production and technical roles that a Happily event may require. If you have experience and skills in any of these areas we would love to welcome you to the Happily network!

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Motion Graphics - Mid-Level

Builds animated graphic assets for the livestream breakout or broadcast teams.

Illustrator - Mid-Level

Creates illustrations for the client for use during events.

Video Editor - Mid-Level

As part of the pre-production team, edits video assets needed for the livestream. Post-production, may create a "sizzle reel".

Graphic Designer/Presentation Graphics - Senior

Uses client brand book to create static graphic assets used as brand wrappers, slides and overlays for the livestream.


Production Designer - Mid-Level

Designs the overall look and feel of the experience.

Creative Director - Senior

Collaborates with the client on the overall look and feel of the event's design elements


Photographer - Mid-Level

Takes, edits and provides photographic services for the event


Composer - Mid-Level

Composes original music for use during the broadcast or breakout

Pre-Recording Video Director - Senior

Directs video team to executive on client's vision for scripted or pre-recorded broadcast content. May oversee creation of script, prep and film talent over Zoom, and collect b-roll and photos. Timecodes footage and sends to editor for assembly.

Pre-Recording Video Editor - Senior

Edits pre-recorded videos and delivers the assets to the broadcast or breakout team.

Pre-Recording Coordinator - Senior

Coordinates the shoot schedule and on-set activies for the video team and talent, collects and organizes footage, b-roll and other assets for editor.



Live Captioner - Mid-Level

Live-captions the livestream.

ASL Translator - Mid-Level

Provide ASL translation on the livestream.


Executive Producer - Executive

Co-creates the experience with the client, and oversees all the components of the project, from creative vision and pre-recorded videos to custom microsites and the broadcast/breakout team, depending on client requirements.

Revenue Director - Senior

Develops strategies to maximize event and sponsorship revenue.


QA & Guest Help Desk - Junior

Provides QA support to web team during the design and on the day of with guests.


Breakout Assistant - Junior

Assist with Zoom settings, talent management.

Host / Moderator - Mid-Level

Manages Happily Hour experience/talent, Zoom room, and audience engagement.

Breakout Lead - Mid-Level

Provides leadership for the breakout team.

Associate Producer - Senior

Manage ROS for Breakouts and breakout teams.

Broadcast Receptionist - Junior

Assist Backstage Manager with talent and speaker greenroom for the broadcast.

Backstage Manager - Mid-Level

Schedule speaker rehearsals, manage movement of speakers from virtual greenroom to broadcast.

Producer/Show Caller - Senior

Create run of show for the broadcast, manage the broadcast team, and schedule/lead team meetings as well as call the cues during the tech rehearsals and live broadcast.



Audiovisual Tech - Mid-Level

Manage AV systems onsite.

Audio Streamer - Mid-Level

Streams audio content, manage settings.


Timekeeper (Breakout Clock) - Junior

Keep time and cue talent for breakouts, based on ROS.

Breakout Streaming Engineer - Mid-Level

Manage streaming keys/integrations, integrate assets and brand wrappers into the breakout stream.

Broadcast Technical Assistant - Junior

Asssts Technical Director with broadcast elements.

Broadcast Clock - Mid-Level

Uses OBS to display a rundown timer for speakers and an overall timer for length of show based on the ROS. Cues speakers when to start and stop speaking with color-coded cards.

Media Assets Manager - Senior

Responsible for collecting, cataloging and mapping assets needed for the broadcast to the run of show (ROS).

Broadcast Streaming Engineer - Senior

Manage streaming keys/integrations, integrate assets and brand wrappers into the broadcast stream.


Technical Director - Executive

Creates settings and standards for broadcast and breakout livestreams, reports to production team leader, leads technical team, and provides guidance and quality assurance, as needed.

Breakout Concierge - Senior

Determines settings across multiple breakout rooms.


Sales Engineer - Senior

Builds scenes and operates livestream for client demos.


IT/Security - Senior

Documents client security requirements, integrates those into the web design, and stress-tests microsites and other cloud/web-based platforms used for the event.

UX/UI Designer - Senior

Builds custom microsites to client specifications for the event.

Web Developer - Senior


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