20 Motion Designers On Instagram To Inspire Your Creativity

Whether you're a brand or a viewer, we all recognize the immense power of video editing and artistic design. These two elements seamlessly converge in the captivating world of motion design.

Motion designers, also known as motion graphic designers and animators, possess the unique ability to create art that breathes life into its surroundings. Animation is an integral part of their designs, making motion design a distinctive branch of graphic design. As a result, most motion designers are adept illustrators or graphic designers themselves.

At Happily, we live and breathe video editing, video production, and graphic design. These are not just our areas of expertise; they are our passions. Our dedicated Happily Creative Studio is here to enhance every experience and elevate any content through our comprehensive and multidimensional creative services. With our on-demand motion design and animation services, we bring a new level of creativity and artistry to the table.

Motion Designers On Instagram To Inspire Your Creativity

We have collected some amazing examples of motion designers from all over the world and with a range of styles and forms.

If you are a brand, we hope they show you the potential and beauty of motion design for your next project with Happily. And if you are a freelancer creator, may these fellow creators inspire your own creativity.

1. Manon Louart


Motion Designer and Illustrator based in France


2. Georgie Yiannoullou


Motion Graphics Designer and Art Director based in the UK


3. Mat Voyce


Type and Motion Designer based in the UK


4. Thomas Burden


3D Illustrator based in the UK


5. Carmelo Barberá


Director and Visual Artist from France based in Spain


6. Johanna Jaskowska


AR Artist based in Spain


7. Ryan D. Anderson


Animator and Visual Artist based in Canada


8. James Curran


Animation Director based in the US


9. Jonathan Lindgren


3D Artist and Animator based in Sweden


10. Erica Anderson


Animator based in the US


11. Henrique Barone


Motion Designer and 3D Animator based in Canada


12. Ryan 'Cloaking'


Animator and 3D Artist based in the US


13. Cindy Suen


2D & 3D Illustrator, Animator and GIF Artist from Hong Kong, based in New York


14. Eva Cremers


3D Illustrator and Animator from The Netherlands


15. Andrei Staruiala


Motion designer based in Edinburgh, UK


16. Eleanor Ngai


Designer and Illustrator from New Zealand based in the UK


17. Chris 'Crispe' Phillips


Creative Director, Illustrator and Animator based in Australia


18. Stephen Ong


Animation Director based in the UK


19. Nuria Boj


Illustrator and Animator from Spain based in Scotland, UK


20. Samantha Jones


Animator based in the UK