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Savage X Fenty Show 2021: Takeaways For All Event Organizers

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty brand is doing all the right things (once again) for their third annual product launch event.

Savage X Fenty is a lingerie brand that is consistently applauded for their fierce diversity, intentional accessibility and direct connectivity to the social consciousness. Their latest event, the Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3, was released Sept 24 exclusively on Amazon Prime and is available now to stream on the platform.

The Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 is not your average fashion runway show. It is a video experience that showcases the best of the brand's lingerie alongside leading models, influencers and performance artists. Oh, and it was completely pre-recorded and designed with a virtual-first distribution strategy in mind.

A quick shout out to the show’s genius set designer and producer Willo Perron! The show was filmed over a few days entirely on location at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles.

Watch the official trailer to give you an idea of the show if you haven’t seen it yet.

We’re gonna share our Happily Producer Notes on the Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 with some key takeaways for all brand marketers, executive producers and livestream broadcasters out there.

1. Go virtual-first

By going virtual-first there was no division between a privileged onsite audience and the rest of us who would traditionally watch a livestream and get a second-rate runway viewing experience.

With the Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3, no matter who you are or where you are from, we all equally experienced (and can continue to equally experience) this event by watching it on Amazon Prime. The reach and impact of a virtual-first event is tenfold with the event accessible to an estimated 200 million Amazon Prime subscribers.

2. Pre-recording gives you more control of your brand’s narrative

This runway show was not an onsite event. It did not have an onsite audience and it was not live streamed. It was a completely digital-first production that was pre-recorded and premiered online for a virtual audience and the world to experience together.

By taking out the ‘live’ element and designing it to be a pre-recorded event, you have more creative control over the viewer experience. From a production, strategic, and creative standpoint, you are able to guide the viewer’s experience in a completely different way with multiple takes and editing. The final result will have a higher production value, more opportunities for storytelling, and enable you to turn a product launch event into a comprehensive brand experience.

Pre-recording content creates a highly polished viewing experience where you control every frame that the viewer is focusing on, how your product is showcased and how the brand is being represented. By the way, we see this with Apple product launch events, too.

Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 GETTY IMAGES

Image: Symone, Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race S13, slaying at Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 Presented By Amazon Prime Video. Getty Images.

3. Showcase diversity

The talent lineup of models and artists alone deserves a standing ovation. We are talking about a balanced and curated diversity of body types and sizes, diversity across the gender spectrum, a range of ages represented, a showcase of different skin colors and ethnicities. Basically Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 was a realistic representation of their consumers and a true display of their brand ethos of inclusivity.

As event professionals, you can instantly understand that diversity must have been the number one priority for the team when curating the talent. What industry professionals can learn is that this event is a gold standard of what talent diversity looks like - especially in an industry where diversity in all its forms has been infamously inadequate. If your brand can authentically embrace and understand diversity - age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status - then you will be celebrated for it.


Image: Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 Presented By Amazon Prime Video. Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images.

4. Host a premiere press party prior to the main launch event

Essentially the Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 is a film experience that was released as a product launch event. Most notably it reflected marketing that we are more familiar with in the entertainment industry and the release of a Hollywood movie.

Prior to the Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 dropping on Amazon Prime, a premiere-style red carpet and onsite party was held for the press; one in Los Angeles and then another in New York City. In attendance were all the talent, models and performance artists from the show - just like a movie premier.

5. Timing is everything on social media

They announced the event via the Savage X Fenty Instagram and other socials with teaser videos exactly one month prior to the show release. Then two weeks before they dropped trailers and behind-the-scenes footage to continue to tease and generate excitement. A week before they distributed assets that each of the models/featured talent could post on their own socials to further amplify the show through their network of influencers/micro-influencers.

This is another benefit of pre-recording content - you already have engaging footage from the event to edit into little ‘sneak peeks’. You can drip feed your socials with visuals from the event to build momentum and capture an audience (and the media!) in the weeks prior.

Here are some of our highlights and favorite appearances from the show:

  • Supermodel and icon, Cindy Crawford, making a surprise guest appearance
  • Indigenous model and activist Quannah Chasinghorse
  • RuPaul Royalty, Season 13 winner Symone and runner-up Gottmik making Mother Ru proud
  • Vogue master, Leiomy, showing us how it’s done and leaving it all out on the floor
  • Model Precious Lee
  • Australian singer/songwriter Troye Sivan walking the runway
  • Normani performing in a square red room wearing a light green snakeskin print catsuit
  • Ricky Martin performing a medley of his major hits on a massive stage platform outdoors
  • Jazmine Sullivan’s “Heaux Tales” providing the perfect soundtrack for model Irina Shayk’s runway walk
  • Daddy Yankee bringing some Latin flavour against the backdrop of the city lights in a sequined jumpsuit
  • Hip-hop legend Nas kicking off the finale framed by the soaring towers outside of The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites
  • Singer and TikTok influencer, Bella Poarch
  • Broadway star, Jeremy Pope
  • Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon
  • The Canadian-Egyptian actor, Mena Massoud
  • Professional skateboarder, Nyjah Huston, making his modeling debut

October 4, 2021

'10 Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Press Event' Happily

10 Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Press Event

You’ve got something to present to the world, so let’s happily get it out there.

A press event or press junket is a chance to announce, to communicate, or to promote whatever it is your business would like directly to local, national and international journalists, reporters and media outlets.

Recently we produced a webinar to release and discuss the findings of the American COVID-19 Vaccine Poll to national print and digital media outlets. At your leisure, you can read more about that case study here.

Even as the possibility of in-person events begin to appear on the horizon, going virtual with a press event has everlasting advantages.

'10 Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Press Event' Happily

Here are some real pros to producing a virtual press event to keep in mind.

1. Reach a wider amount and scope of media outlets

Your event can be attended by or shared with all media outlets that you need to target; local, national and international. There are no limits to where they are based.

Also, we love the accessibility that online events allows to smaller, community based and start-up digital or print media outlets.

2. A shareable recording is as easy as pressing a button

With an in-person event generating a quality video of the event - a video that you would be proud to send to the media and out into the public - will likely require hiring a videographer and will take time to be edited.

With a virtual event, the recording is done and ready the moment that event has ended. This means you will have it instantly to share in an email blast as a reference to attendees, and to anyone who could not attend live.

3. Little time commitment means journalists are more likely to tune in

The fact that journalists can tune into your virtual event from anywhere and that they don’t necessarily have to turn on their camera, means it is easier for them to find the time to attend live. A lot of people in the media are time poor, with rather busy daily schedules, and them having the option to multi-task can be welcomed.

4. You can have a short runway to the event

The planning and pre-production stage of a virtual event can be much more condensed than an in-person event. This is dependent on the complexity and scope of the virtual press event, of course, however, at Happily we know how to hustle and bring together an event asap.

5. Any keynote speakers, staff or experts can participate from anywhere across the country - or the world

You can curate a diverse panel of guests to contribute, as no travel is required for them, and they would have to commit less time to the event.

6. It can be a private or a public event

Depending on how you would like to gate or divide the event, there will be a way to do it in the digital space. For example, there can be a separate viewing platform for media outlets to allow them to interact and submit questions, and have a platform for the general public to enter and view the live broadcast.

7. A Q&A session can be robust and ordered

If you would like to have a Q&A element to the press event, there are various ways that can be produced depending on your needs. For example, a simple way is to have a chat box function in which journalists and media outlets submit a question, and they can be answered systematically at the end. Or we could craft a process to allow them to submit a question verbally with their audio and camera switched on.

8. They are economical, scalable and highly customizable

Just like any in-person event, a virtual press event can be as basic or as dynamic as you need it to be - or as your budget will allow. It can be a fully branded experience; from the registration roll-out to the event itself, and to any follow-up correspondence. We can keep it real simple and use Zoom as the viewing platform, or we can build a fully custom microsite for attendees to watch the event.

Pro Tip: When we say we are experts at event planning, we mean every aspect of it that you can think of - including marketing, registration, experience designers, IT security - so if you have a concern or need extra help in any area, just chat to us about it.

9. Going virtual does not mean you miss out on anything

Together we can craft a run of show that has all the elements that you need - maybe even more - for a press event.

We’re talking graphic presentations, video presentations, a pre-recorded message from someone who can’t attend, panel discussions, an open Q&A session, private interview breakout rooms with media outlets - whatever other element you need, we can find a way to make it happen.

10. The event can be translated live

Having any event translated into multiple languages and/or American Sign Language live during the broadcast is a must for accessibility and reaching more communities - and countries. If your press event needs to reach multiple language groups and audience, then that progress is straightforward when going virtual. We have a blog post all about the ways to have a spoken language translations, and another one for ASL translations.

July 6, 2021

5 ideas for a virtual product release event inspired by Apple SEO image

5 Ideas for a Virtual Product Release Event Inspired by Apple

We were excited to learn about the impressive new iPad and colorful iMac upgrades behind Apple’s latest product unveiling!

As a sustainability conscious company ourselves, we loved that Apple products are now made with 100% recycled aluminum. Circular economy for the win! However, what we really wanted to highlight was the flawless event production of this 2021 Apple Event with so many beautifully executed best practices that we do here at Happily.

Graphic-motion Apple GIF

Here are our top 5 ideas for you to adapt and be inspired by for your own virtual product release event

1. Strong storyboard

Storytelling is emotive, powerful and a format that is universally understood. Crafting the flow of the entire event and consciously planning an overall arch will help you find opportunities to bring a story together, connect with your audience, and build a solid structure for the event. We have storyboard artists and scriptwriters at Happily who are experts at curating an event to bring that cinematic and polished feel.

For more on that, check out this past LinkedIn Live with Kevin Cohen, Creative Director, Stungun Productions.

2. Sleek motion graphics and stylish sets

Combining strong elements of motions graphics and curated sets enables you to seamlessly bridge the real world with the virtual. We do custom motion graphics for our Happily events, with this more and more becoming a standard. This also includes translations between presenters or items; static transition slides feel like a presentation, motion is cinematic! 

Apple Event Intro GIF

We love the rainbow!

Apple Event GIF Transition 1

This transition, though!

Apple Transition 2 GIF

Something a little more simple, but still awesome.

3. Really clean website

By creating a simple one-way content website for your event and all the details, it can live their forever and feel timeless, acting as a base source for the product launch. When people watch the playback on the site it may kill that all important ‘this is something fresh, brand new and so exciting’ product launch buzz by including past comments and audience engagements that happened during the original live broadcast.

You don’t need a platform to create engagement around a broadcast, as chatter and conversation can happen on Twitter and other socials. Also, we can put YouTube live chat on a microsite so your comments can be consolidated in one place. 

Apple Event Website GIF

4. Bookend live presentations

Each presentation sprinkled with short 30 - 60 second commercial-style videos to add more action, and successfully tease and recap product unveiling. This is also a really clever way to present the same information again in repetitive and refreshed ways for retention.

Apple Commercial GIF

5. Bring employees in front of the camera!

We loved meeting Carolyn, Cindy, Navpreet (and all the other included Apple staff) as they enthusiastically spoke in technical detail. This gives you a chance to form a personal connection with the audience, showing off the passion of the people who have helped bring the product to life. Plus, it can be a great opportunity to proudly display the diversity in your company.

Of course we know that for most people, speaking in front of a camera is not as easy as the Apple employees made it look. At Happily we can bring in speaker coaches for the more camera shy folks who may not be familiar with presenting in a situation like this. The goal being to give people the confidence and personalized advice they need to shine. We did this for a fundraiser with 826 Valencia by bringing their program managers on camera. It was something they had never done before and absolutely loved it.

Apple Staff GIF

Got a virtual event that you wanna bring to life? Let's chat about it!

April 27, 2021