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YSC Summit 2022 Case Study

So much fun!!! :) loving this energy!

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Summit Attendee

Key Results

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The Challenge

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The Young Survival Coalition (YSC) is an international organization focused on women under 40 years old who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Founded in 1998 by three young women with breast cancer, YSC is a 501 non-profit based in New York City, and with an additional base in Atlanta, Georgia. Their mission is to strengthen a sense of community, address the unique needs, amplify the voice and improve the quality of life of young adults affected by breast cancer; locally, nationally and internationally.

The Young Survival Coalition’s Summit is an annual three-day international conference and is a flagship event for their community. With inspirational speakers, Q&A’s, niche workshops, and special wellness activities, it is the largest gathering of breast cancer survivors under the age of 40. The event also includes an Exhibitor Hall where attendees can find the most up-to-date, evidence-based information and tools from reputable providers. At the core of the YSC Summit is the social atmosphere, with attendees coming together as a community to support, connect and celebrate each other from across the country.

In the previous year, YSC partnered with Happily for their first pivot to a virtual summit, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, once again YSC turned to Happily to produce ‘YSC Summit: Digitally Yours 2022’. There were many opportunities to build upon and to evolve from the shared experience of the 2021 production, to create a virtual experience that was smoother and more engaging than ever. This full service offering from Happily included the activation of our Broadcast, Creative and Web Teams.

This has been so refreshing, thank you to all involved & all participating 💗

Summit Attendee

Summit Attendee

The Solution

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The ‘YSC Summit: Digitally Yours 2022’ was a big virtual production across three-days of broadcasting, with breakout sessions, a microsite, exhibitors, speakers, virtual hangouts, multilingual accessibility and more.

From the Happily leadership, an Executive Producer co-created the experience with the YSC team, and oversaw all the components of the project - from creative vision and pre-recorded videos, to custom microsite and the Broadcast and Breakout teams. An Associate Producer managed and oversaw the detailed run of shows (ROS) for the main broadcasts, and for the breakout team. From our Happily Broadcast Team, a Producer/Show Caller built a ROS for the broadcasts, as well as managed the Broadcast Team, scheduled lead team meetings as well as called the cues during the tech rehearsals and live broadcast. A Happily Broadcast Streaming Engineer ensured that the live stream of the broadcast went smoothly with all the tech, video and audio requirements. They integrated speakers, video assets, graphics and brand wrappers into the main stage broadcast, as instructed by the Producer/Show Caller and the ROS.

A Clock acted as a timekeeper by displaying a backstage timer for speakers and an overall timer for length of show. This allowed speakers to start and stop speaking with color-coded cards. A Backstage Manager scheduled speaker/talent rehearsals, acted as the guide of the speaker experience, managed the movement of speakers from the virtual greenroom to the mainstage of the live broadcast. A Broadcast Receptionist assisted the Backstage Manager with the virtual greenroom and the speakers and talent behind the scenes. The Happily Breakout Team, a branch of the Broadcast Team, focused on the breakout sessions with each session having a Breakout Lead as well as a Breakout Assistant.

The Happily Creative Team provided all the custom visual assets for the broadcast, microsite and breakout sessions, to ensure continuity and quality control across all the static and motion graphics. A Presentation Graphic Designer used YSC’s brand book to create static graphic assets for the summit, including title slides, brand wrappers, and overlays, as well as downloadable virtual backgrounds for attendees. A Motion Graphic Designer designed custom transitions for the broadcast scenes. A Video Editor created video assets and clips for the livestream, as well as sizzle reels and highlight videos following the event. A Prerecording Coordinator managed the film schedule and on-set activities for the video team and the talent, while also collecting and organizing the footage, B-Roll and other assets for the Prerecording Video Editor.

The Happily Web Team designed, built and polished a custom microsite with complex sitemaps and wireframes for the YSC summit. The team included a Web Designer and two Web Developers. The YSC microsite acted as a pre-summit landing page, a platform for the live broadcast, as well as for the on demand content following the event. It had multiple main pages and 43 custom detail additions. Included was a Home Page, as well as separate pages for Day 2, Day 3, a dynamic agenda, speaker spotlights, an Exhibit Hall, summit sponsors, self care resources, and FAQs for the virtual experience.

The Results

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The YSC Summit: Digitally Yours 2022’ was a massive production and huge success. Even though for the YSC team and community an onsite summit is the preference, the past two years of their virtual global summits have been an ideal and satisfying alternative to ensure the health of their particularly vulnerable attendees.

Some highlights from the program included:

  • An inspiring and engaging closing keynote by 4x USA Olympian and Breast Cancer Survivor, Chaunté Lowe
  • The annual YSC Summit PJ Party with Dr. Catalina Lawsin discussing the foundation of sex and intimacy after cancer
  • The Virtual Hangouts that offered an intimate space for attendees to connect through shared experiences; eg. First-Time Attendees, Survivors & Thrivers of Color, LGTBQ+ Attendees, Spanish-Speaking Individuals ect.
  • An interactive game of ‘Never Have I Ever: Breast Cancer Edition’
  • The gloriously 70s themed ‘Disco at a Distance Dance Party’

Some key statistics from the summit included:

  • ~ 3,000 virtual attendees to summit across 10 countries! (That is an impressive 300% increase in attendance from the previous year)
  • There were 8 hours of live broadcast material
  • A total of 19 breakout sessions, run in blocks of 6 sessions running simultaneous
  • A total of ~800 attendees to breakout sessions
  • The custom microsite with 7 main pages and 43 wireframe details
  • 30 ‘Meet & Greets’ and 40+ exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall
  • 40+ speakers and talent participated throughout the summit
  • A total of ~5 hours in virtual hangouts
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