Casper ter Kuile

Co-Founder, Sacred Design Lab

Koichi Sanchez

Composer, Sound Designer & Music Producer

Ryan Trupp

Environmental Scenic Designer

Barent Roth

Sustainable Designer, Educator, Activist & Entrepreneur

Romain Vakilitabar

Founder and Chief Artist, Pathos Labs

Adrian Segar

Author and Founder, Conferences That Work

Jason Wishnow

Founding Director of Film and Video, TED

The Settings

Discover Metavent, a turnkey 3d environment

Michelle Lhooq

Author & Journalist

Janet Lee

Senior Production Manager, VICE Audio

Thu, May 6 at 12:30pm EST

Som Ray

Founder, CLIP.Bike

David Spinks

Founder, CMX

Mission Control

Behind the scenes of Startup Grind 2021

Food Pioneers

Dominique Crenn, Nancy Silverton, Ruth Reichl & Fernay McPherson

Gina Bianchini

Founder, Mighty Networks

Smiley Poswolsky

Author, Friendship in the Age of Loneliness

Helen Huang

Founder, Enrich Fiscal Fitness


Co-founder, Phonocut

Amanda Goetz

Founder, House of Wise

Diane Pernet

Founder, A Shaded View on Fashion Film

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Happily creates fun, unique, and carbon-zero events with the largest and most diverse network of event specialists. Our mission is to uplift humanity through culture shaping experiences and events. Happily was founded in 2012 by Sarah Shewey, an early operator at the TED conferences, and has grown into a global events company with over 50,000 independent event specialists who help bring your ideas to life!

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