What Is A Producer & How They Make Everything 1000% Better

As you are assembling your kick-ass production team with Happily, every specialist will have a specific role to play, taking your event to the next level.

We are going to explore the role of a Producer. Their specific tasks and responsibilities will depend on the scope, complexity and type of experience, of course.

Every Happily event is unique, and Happily teams are customized, so below is just a general outline to understand overall how a Happily Producer will, can or could contribute to your event. (Spoiler alert! They are amazing.)
Happily What Is A Producer And How Would They Make A Production A 1000% Better?

What is a Producer?

They really take the wheel behind-the-scenes of a production. It could be an onsite or virtual event, an intimate fundraiser or a massive week-long summit - no matter the scope or complexity, an events producer can be involved.

In event planning they supervise and coordinate all practical aspects of an event and oversee the ‘ground forces’ that will be present on the day of the event, such as the AV team, keynote speakers, Backstage Leads ect. The level of communication between these ‘ground forces’ is the responsibility of the Producer.

A Producer typically creates a detailed run of show (ROS) for the event or live broadcast, manages the ground staff, and schedules, as well as leads all those team meetings. If the event requires (eg. a live broadcast) they can call cues and ensure that every beat of the ROS is met by the right person.

Is an Executive Producer different?

What a Producer doesn’t usually do is have much involvement in the creative, strategic and overall vision of a production. They take the goals, concepts and general outline established by the leadership or the client and get the wheels turning.

An Executive Producer is a different type of producer. They would be part of that leadership team, sitting above a Producer. An Executive Producer will co-create the experience with the client. They oversee all the components of the project, from creative vision and pre-recorded videos to custom micro. An Executive Producer is more ‘bigger picture’ than a Producer.

How would your event benefit from a Producer?

Stress be gone!

They'll manage and be thinking about the 10,000 little details that create a successful production so you don’t have to. You can keep your energy for the ‘bigger picture’ stuff, or so you can take a step back and enjoy the event, knowing that the behind-the-scenes will be running smoothly without you.

To-do lists will be conquered.

No matter the scale of an event, there is always a very long and growing to-do list. Having a production that is organized is vital. Producers will bring structure, be delegating tasks, providing detailed production documents, ticking things off that to-do list, and just get. stuff. done.

Problem solving is no problem.

Producers will resolve any issues that may come out of nowhere during the middle of the event. They are decision makers, who are assertive and capable if something unforeseeable were to happen.

Strong communication between all the teams.

We all know how important strong communication is, just you know, in life. A large part of a Producer's job is to create and support wonderfully harmonious communication between any various teams, as well as with you. They will keep everyone on the same page, and make sure everyone has the information that they need to do their job.

Have a Plan B and a Plan C.

They are the ship captain who can see an iceberg from a mile away. Sometimes things just won’t go according to plan, and if that happens they can anticipate any issues and have already thought about or discussed or planned what to do in that situation.

For example, if a microphone onsite stops working, there will be a spare one handy. If someone cuts out during a virtual event, they might have a video ready to play.

A wealth of knowledge.

Producers are event professionals who will be able to provide for you the expertise and knowhow of putting together an event. They can bring all the experience you need for a successful production, offering advice, presenting alternatives or explaining any bumps in the road they foresee.

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