Best AI Creative Tools for Images, Video & Text

AI has transformed the creative landscape, empowering professionals in various fields such as marketing, community management, writing, and videography.

With the growth of AI tools, event professionals and creatives now have access to powerful resources that not only optimize their time, but also push the boundaries of their endeavors.

In this blog post, we explore a range of AI tools that are designed to assist and inspire professionals in generating, manipulating, and enhancing images, videos, and text. Whether you're looking to streamline your workflow, explore new artistic possibilities, or refine your written content, these AI tools are here to revolutionize your creative process.

Happily event Best AI Creative Tools{caption: Image generated on in Adobe Express (beta) using the Firefly integration.}

Image generated on in Adobe Express (beta) using the Firefly integration.

AI Tools for Image Generation


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DALL·E is an advanced AI model developed by OpenAI that generates highly detailed and imaginative images from textual descriptions. It combines natural language processing and computer vision to understand and create visuals based on provided text prompts. DALL·E's powerful generative model, built upon the transformer architecture, can generate visually intricate and conceptually rich images.


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Midjourney is an AI platform that converts transforming natural language prompts into high-quality images, operating within Discord.

happily events ai tools midjourney

AI images generated by Midjourney

Stable Diffusion

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Stable Diffusion is an advanced deep learning model, with a primary function is to generate intricate images based on textual descriptions using the power of text-to-image conversion.

happily events ai tools Stable Diffusion

AI Creative Tools for Video


Automate video content creation with customizable virtual presenters

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Synthesia is an AI-powered platform that automates video content creation. It uses advanced video synthesis technology to generate personalized and realistic videos with customizable virtual presenters. Users input a script or utilize templates, and Synthesia animates virtual presenters who deliver the script in a lifelike manner.

Opus Clip

Repurpose lengthy videos into engaging short clips with just one click

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Opus Clip is an innovative video tool that leverages generative AI to transform lengthy videos into captivating short clips with just one click. By analyzing your video content, Opus Clip identifies the most captivating moments, extracts enticing highlights from various segments, and seamlessly arranges them to create engaging and viral short videos. Each short clip is assigned a score that indicates its potential for virality, based on AI analysis of numerous successful viral videos. Notably, Opus Clip's predictive AI technology focuses on moving faces, ensuring that people remain prominently centered within the video frame, enhancing visual appeal and engagement.


Simplify the editing process for audio and video content with text-based editing, transcription generation, and more

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Descript is a multimedia editing and transcription tool that simplifies the editing process for audio and video content. It combines a text editor and a waveform editor, allowing users to edit and transcribe their files simultaneously. Descript offers features like text-based editing, transcription generation, voiceover recording, background noise removal, and automated subtitles.

Multi Function AI Creative Tools

Adobe Sensei

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Adobe Sensei is an advanced AI technology integrated into Adobe's creative software applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. It automates tasks, improves editing workflows, and enhances creative capabilities. Adobe Sensei assists with image and video editing, content-aware fill, font selection, automated video editing, creative suggestions, search, and organization. By leveraging AI and machine learning, Adobe Sensei streamlines the creative process, saving time and improving results for artists and designers.

Adobe Firefly

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Adobe's family of creative generative AI models revolutionizes the creative process within Adobe workflows and across their platforms. With a focus on image and text effect generation, Firefly brings precision, power, speed, and ease to your projects. Generate stunning visuals from text, effortlessly create intricate patterns and designs with generative fill, explore endless color possibilities with generative recolor, and future features will include 3D renders to image and extended image capabilities.

happily events ai creative tools firefly{caption: The word 'Happily' created with the Text Effects in Adobe Express (beta) using the Firefly integration.}

The word 'Happily' created with the Text Effects in Adobe Express (beta) using the Firefly integration.


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This AI creative tool empowers artists and creative professionals to generate, manipulate, and enhance images and videos using artificial intelligence. It provides a user-friendly platform that doesn't require extensive coding knowledge. With Runway, users can generate videos from a text prompt, infinitely expand an image, reimagine an image, train custom models, erase things from videos, slow mo any video, make images move and more.

happily events ai tools runwayML

Dashboard view of Runway

AI Creative Tools for Text


Generate human-like text responses and receive creative writing assistance

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ChatGPT is an advanced language model designed to assist writers, content creators, and individuals in generating human-like text responses. It offers a conversational experience, allowing users to ask follow-up questions, challenge assumptions, and receive creative writing assistance. The model is programmed to admit mistakes, reject inappropriate requests, and engage in dialogue with users. With ChatGPT, you can explore innovative textual expressions and find support in your creative endeavors.


Enhance writing by identifying and correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors

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Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that empowers users to elevate their writing through accurate identification and correction of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Seamlessly, it offers real-time suggestions and feedback, elevating the overall quality and clarity of written content. Grammarly can be intergated into desktop applications and sites across the web as you move between apps, social media, documents, messages, and emails. Notably, Grammarly goes beyond just fixing mistakes; it assists in discovering the desired tone and style of a text, making it a versatile tool for refining and perfecting your writing.

happily events creative ai tools grammarly

Generate high-quality written content, including marketing campaigns and social media posts

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Limited Free Version & Paid Pro Subscription is an AI-powered platform that generates high-quality written content. It offers various tools and templates for creating engaging copy, including marketing campaigns, social media posts, and blog articles. Users provide prompts or descriptions, and generates contextually relevant text based on the input.

happily events creative ai tools copy ai

Engage AI

Elevate LinkedIn interactions and boost social selling strategies with AI-generated, personalized responses

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Engage AI is a cutting-edge AI-powered extension crafted to revolutionize LinkedIn interactions and supercharge social selling strategies. Powered by ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, this extension takes personalized engagement to new heights. By generating bespoke and authentic responses, Engage AI enables users to break free from the monotony of generic comments, making each interaction memorable, relevant, and impactful.